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Rear tire change

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On my 2002 350, I'm about to put a new tire on the rear. Another Avon 230. First, where's the fastest/cheapest place you guys have found to get one? And second, when I take the wheel to a bike shop to have the tire mounted, do I have to remove the belt sprocket, or brake rotor, or both? Or can the tire be mounted with them still attached? Thanks guys! :D
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When you get the rear hub off and remove the lug nuts the wheel will fall off and then take it to any tire shop, not a bike shop, and they will mount and balance it.
As for the tire I have bought some from "Honda Direct" and got some real deals.


Ever since I got on the boss hoss boards there has been a great deal of uncertainty about the avon tires and some have had to have more than one put on before a tire that satisfied the individual was found. Would it not make sense to buy locally for a little more and have the option of another one mounted if required.
Most problems with the avon tire is with the front. I don`t know of anyone having a problem with the rear.
Thanks all for the info.
Bill, I haven't heard of any problems with the rear Avons. I'll check a shop or two around here for the tire, but seems most add a signifigant "profit" to the price of the tire. They're expensive enough! Anyway......thanks again for the info!! :D
Thanks for the tire info guys. I had a new front put on in tennessee. Drove around for a day waiting to have it delivered to the shop and when mounted it was balanced with a bubble machine. It made a huge differance in handling, for the better. I am glad I lucked out on that one.

Hi Adrian,
Congrats on the new Goldwing! I have one myself, and ya just can't beat them for being smooth, quiet and comfortable! Best of luck with it.
I'm thinking of grooving my new 230 when it arrives. I've attached a link to the tool that I think is the one to use. It comes with a #4 blade. Is this the right blade, width-wise, that I should use?
Thanks!! :D

Got your reply that this is the same groover you have . Thanks!! :D
Ordered the tire from the site you suggested. I ordered it first from Honda Direct, last Friday. Called them today to check on it, only to find out they were out of stock. (Nice of them to let me know!) So I cancelled and ordered from the site you offered. They had it in stock, and only $3 more.......$199.95. Free shipping. Should have it next Weds or Thursday. (I hope!)

Thanks Pal! :capwin:
I've been using the #5 blade which cuts the exact size groove that the stock Avon has. Recommend the#5. The #4 may give you a slightly more narrow groove than you want.
Okey Dokey Joe! Thanks :D
Last question on this (I think).......After the tire is mounted, is it then balanced without the belt pulley and brake rotor, or with them?
Got it apart this morning, and am on my way to have the new tire mounted. MAN!!! :shock: Is that belt pulley/hub heavy!! Thanks!!
Never mind......All done!
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