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Having just replaced my rear swingarm bushings (2007 SS SB) I have a bit of advice that might be useful. I used the diagram I pinched from Wag's old site when it was up and carefully noted the location of the shims on the right hand side.

What the diagram doesn't show is the possibility of 2 extra shims (as in my case) located inboard of the bushings where it they are pressed into the swingarm. As I popped them out, in the left hand one I found a 16thou shim stuck to its flange inner face that touches the outer face of the swingarm. I checked my diagram and no mention of shims there. I checked my right hand bushing which was on the floor after popping out (also an easy job) and no shim (or no sign of one). So I cable tied the shim to the left swingarm hole to remind me and went on with the replacement.

Of course they shrunk with the pressing and they had to be 3/4" reamed but then I noticed the right one was sitting pround inside the swing arm, I thought that was wrong and wondered if there had been a shim there too. I checked the bench and all over only to find a 16 thou shim under a storage rack - it was dry and must have bounced out as I popped it. Not expecting at that stage to find a shim I hadn't looked for one. I fitted both shims and all was flush with trial fitting (1 thou end play) proved that without it I would have had a 17 thou end play!

Replaced all & greased them up - I'm not bothering with drilling out and zerking the bolts as it's a straightforward re-greasing job ever time I replace a rear tire. I did notice they were very dry when I dismantled it all - not now!
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