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If anyone is looking for a small inexpensive digital video camera, take a look at the RCA Small Wonder EZ201. In high res mode it will take 640x480 30fps video and store 30 minutes on the internal memory. You also have the option of inserting an SD memory card for up to 5 hours of recording. I bought mine at Circuit City for $99. You won't get MiniDV quality out of it but I have to say the quality is plenty nice even in low light. It includes a pop out USB connection, a swivel screen that you can swing around to face forward and it's super simple to operate. If you're looking for an inexpensive video camera to keep on the bike or even do some on-board videos, this little guy can do it. Haven't had mine on the bike yet but next time out I'll post a video.

Here's a sample from a fellow who fly's it on his R/C airplane.
It's 113mb but you can see the quality with out it being smashed by YouTube
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