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We just go back last night, so I'll get the camera downloaded and try to figure out how to post some.

Mostly same guys and bikes this year, a few new ones, but not many.

We got there Saturday nite, luckily, and had two great days of riding on Sunday and Monday with Adrian & his bride and Neal & Beth Wells from Michigan. Tuesday we rode until late afternoon then ithe skies opened up through Thursday morning. Think we got about 350 on between the two days. Total for the week was about 700 miles.

Got some more riding in Thursday afternoon, Friday and then Saturday evening.

Boat ride was a good time, lots of T&A flashing going on :wink:

Hey Jack, the Rock Island Line, the Legion and the Cricket are still doing great........we bulked up their "kittys" again this year :lol:

Great time.......some interesting news should be coming out soon about next year froom the rumors floating around...........

Adrian & Cozeay.............thanks again for the great pictures and ideas for new stuff............plasma cutter is on the order list for this week Adrain :wink:

Neil.......don't forget to work on that foot "kick down" idea......I think I'm going to tackle that wirning through the steering neck next winter for sure.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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