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Rally...My ride home....

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Pulling up to the last tollway leaving Ill into Wis on I39..plenty of room between me and the semi in front..until WHOOOOSH. some sob pulls in front forcing me to stop sooner than anticpated. I brought the truck and trailer to a stop. A sigh of releive.knowing the cargo I was carrying was safe..for a nano second...suddenly..a jolt..Barb's pop is flying all over the dash..the tootsie rolls on the center console (trying to bulk up after losing so much weight at the rally) were airborn also.."are you ok" I asked of her, all she said was "oh my god"...the bikes! I opened the door being carful not to get hit by any cars rushing to get thru the tollway leaving Ill. (go figure). Walking to the back of the truck my rear bumper is bent down from the impact, moving to the rear the trailer ramp is pushed in, the guy who hit me said "lets call the Hwy Patrol"." No" I responded.."my cargo, you don't understand whats in the trailer..I'm pondering to myself, the new Trike I just bought my wife. it fit in the trailer, we were so happy mine and hers fit in like a glove..sweat is now dripping from my forehead as I headed to the side of the trailer, anticipation is running rampant, thoughts I cannot control come and go..did the straps hold?? How much for a new paint job?? I push my sunglasses up on my forehead and reach in my pocket for the trailer keys, shaking slightly I pinched what I thought were the keys..but it hurt, "this can't be the keys" I say to myself, so I dig deeper into the pocket, finally pulling the keys out and stumbling to find the door key, sweat is now rolling from me, mixing with the tears swelling in my eyes. My palms are wet with perspiration, finding the keyhole..I turn it and grab the door, slowly looking inside my eyes are big, the tears are running from my face as the water over a great Falls. My eyes are really big now. I bent my head around and I remember my sunglasses falling from my head...."NO WAY" I said.. company's here folks..back at ya later TO BE CONTINUED..... Steve
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trip home

Had a great time with you guys at the rally but in view of that (especially the boat) I gotta ask myself, is he bull****tin us. I hope you are....Well written though :)
I had a similar experience not long before the rally but I was pulling my work trailer. Car hit right at the floor line so it didn't bend the door but pulled the threads right out of the ball nut and shoved the hitch right up over the bumper (I drove home that way cause I couldn't get it out and it wasn't far from home).
TO BE CONTINUED..... Opening the trailer door.was nothing but tears of happiness!!!!!! The bikes were in perfect shape and was able to pull them home. The guy that hit me was in a 2500 Dodge Ram pulling a trailer with a race car on it. I need a new bumper on my truck and some trailer work obviously.
Thanks for the reply Wag...This is a true story.....boat or no boat you mooning animal you!!! As upset as I was, I was just happy to have the bikes ok. New trike and 2 wheeler, thats a lot of dough sitting there!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 8)
Glad to hear you and the bikes are OK. Hope the damage to the truck and trailer isn't too bad.
Hey there Steve,

Glad to hear it came out good. Good seeing ya at the rally, hopefully we'll be in some kind of decent shape after Sturgis so we can get to LaCrosse for the party :lol: But, have the feeling this is going to be a tough year out there, Neal & Beth are camping right behind us for the week :cry: :wink: 8)

If yoou make Sturgis give us a holler and we'll make a few stops at OneEyed Jacks for a "soda" :lol:

Steve....ever consider becoming a professional pulp fiction mystery writer?
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