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The Stosh Brothers will appear live on www.sidestandup.com "The World's Only Motorcycle Radio Roadshow", to talk about how riders can film their motorcycle adventures. They will also be talking about their new DVD, Throttle Days: Dual Sport Adventure.

Where: www.sidestandup.com
When: Feb 12th 9-11pm EST

The movie, Throttle Days: Dual Sport Adventure, tells the story of the Stosh Brothers, two wacky brothers who vow to ride 100 days on a motorcycle and film it, just to prove it can be done. The only problem is they don’t have a camera crew or a Hollywood production team…and they can’t get the days off from work. So they embark on the 100 days, one trip at a time, and film the adventure themselves. Throttle Days: Dual Sport Adventure chronicles one of their trips with humor and grit. The seventy-five minute movie offers never before seen video footage from the Trans-America Trail in Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The movie was filmed and produced entirely by the riders, on a shoe-string budget of less than $5,000. The riders used no support vehicles, and camped on the trail, carrying all their equipment and food with them. Using specially designed cameras and mounts, the riders were able to film themselves riding without the use of chase vehicles. On the trail, riders faced mechanical breakdowns, vehicle wrecks, and challenging off-road conditions.

Motorcycle Theater was created by filmmaker and motorcycle enthusiasts JJ Turner in 2004, and has production offices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and western Kentucky. “Anyone can take these trips,” reminds Turner, “You don’t have to be a movie star or sell your house to have a motorcycle adventure.”

for more information please visit: www.motorcycletheater.com.
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