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Quick Disconnect fuel line

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Some of you guys have put quick disconnects on your fuel lines. Can you give me some details? I am removing my tank soon to rewire the front of my bike and I may do the quick disconnects at the same time.



Any wiring tips would be appreciated too. :wink:
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Hoss , Ggo the wags help web site . In my parts list I show a couple of disconnects and where you can buy them . I don't have a phone number for BOAT OWNERS WHAREHOUSE or a web site adress but maybe someone else does . I use the EZ FLOW connectors on my Boss and Harley , but they are a little expensive about $40.00 but work well . I'll bet you could buy the marine quick disconnects at BOATS US in Cicero N.Y.
Marine SS Quick Disconnects


If you decide to use the marine quick disconnects, they are;

Tempo part no. 240120, model no. 491TMC

Tempo part no. 240130, model no. 492TFC

They are available from almost any marine store, off or online.
Hoss - I bought the quick connect/disconnests from Wal-Mart. It was in their auto department where they also have boat stuff. It is extreme heavey duty connectors and very reasonably priced since it's Wal-Mart.

Thanks you guys. That was quick!! I will check them out ASAP.

I appreciate it!!

I found them on a website for about 11 and 6 each for the male and female. Same model# and brand. Seems like a good deal. Dealer is called shipstore.com

Jack, I may take a ride out and look at how you have yours installed if you don't mind. When I get a chance.

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