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When I bought my bike in the winter of 2002 with 2500 miles on it I noticed that the area around the throttle arm was a little dirty. First I thought the pre-owner of my bike might have sprayed a little too much oil to the linkage and springs. But after a while I saw that the carb must have a very small fuel leak somewhere in this area. I thought it's a leaking gasket, and didn't cared about it until this winter (9500 miles on the bike now). I changed the accelerator pump, and cleaned the whole carb before. Then I installed the carb and my new Holley pump, and tested the accelerator pump by watching the "shots" from the top of the carburator (without air filter). Well...I was satisfacted seeing two small jets of fuel spraying on the primarys :D

Ok - after some wide open throttles -hand activated with engine off, about 5 to 7 times- I could see a small amount of fuel flowing out of the throttle shaft bore at the carb base down to the lower left side of the intake manifold. The throttle shaft is worn. I can feel a radial play of about 0.3mm (0.012") which is my fuel leak with engine off, and a vacuum leak with engine on. :(

I'll have to rebuild it. But that's not a sunday-morning job for someone who's not familiar with carburators. To rebush the base plate will take time if I want to do it right, and I will have to take care of a lot of small other things and adjustments. I decided not to mess with the carb yet, and ordered a new one at Summit (EDL 1902, because they don't carry the 1901 any longer).

I've got some questions regarding the new carb, and the old one.

My "old" carb's accelerator pump sprayed a little bigger amount of fuel to the left primary throttle plate than to the right....is that normal?

Is the base gasket (about 1/4" thick) of the old carb reusable? Or should I order a new one? Or is a new one coming along with the new Edelbrock carb?

Can someone recommend a really good rebush kit for Quadrajets - everything included (drill, guide, reamer/hone, bushings, instructions)? I'm flooded with metric tools - but no chance to get a reamer in inch sizes over here....

I know you can destroy a new carb very easy by overtightening the mounting bolts, or not tightening them equal - but I can't find the correct torque specs for these 4 mounting bolts...can someone help :?:

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading, and you all have a very, very nice new year 2005!

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