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Pulse width water pump modulator

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Can someone tell me what a PULSE WIDTH WATER PUMP MOAULATOR is ? I saw a Boss for sale on ebay with this on it .

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I think you find it right to the left of the internal muffler bearing and rear axle pulley :lol: Seriously never heard of it.

We're just putting the finishing touches on putting a Russian mafia truck theft ring into the can here at work. Caught a guy who stole one of our '04 KW and took it to Houston with a trailer (stolen) full of stolen trailer parts....damned thing was destined for St. Petersburg Russia...........ship was supposed to sail at noon today, and we didn't capture it until Friday night at 9:30 pm.................now the "ring" has continued to expand into a Russian group who get imigrants into the "juice" loans for survival here in the States until they need them to "perform" for them........what a tangled web........now I know how my Fatboy got out of the country so fast and easy........they never check VIN on vehicles exported..............only those coming into the States....they actually had this truck set for export using the title from a 1999 KW........
nice to know our customs guys are on the ball.

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Naw , there ain't no such thing as the Russian Mafia . Ya right , just like there ain't no such thing as Mafia in this country . Nothing would suprise me anymore . I'm sure glad they caught the Bastards .

Did you happen to see the Boss with that water pump modulator on it on ebay ? Are you sure there is no such thing ? Seems like I've heard of this before but what do I know . How do you know when your muffler bearing is going bad ?

Hard to tell. Sometimes it's the Center Frydarotamat that can be going bad, but sounds just like a bad muffler bearing!
Probably just be a weak Fugazy valve. :wink:

I think Don's got it :roll: Ya know you retired guys just impress the crap out of me every day with your wisdom and ability to diagnose these issues :lol:

I gotta try to get away for Daytona........... :capwin:

I do know when your crossover bearings get crossed up this can be a major problem but the rest of this technical stuff I just don't know about .

From what I can gather... All boss hoss water pumps are pulse width modulated.... If they weren`t the jinglerater wouldn`t jinglerate.... the carbonator wouldn`t carbonate... And the pistons...... well.. they wouldn`t work either.
Water pump modulator

I don't know what the $#&#& is a pulse width, but here is the link for a modulator....Ray

http://www.shogunindustries.com/cgi-loc ... m=TT020593
Pulse width modulation is exactly that... A pulse width is the assigning of a duty cycle to an electric component. The pulse is usually measured by the on time in milliseconds. The faster the pulse... the higher the duty cycle. The higher the duty cycle the closer you come to full on.... or continous run. My question is.. Why would anyone want to slow down the water pump? I mean... Cars these days use pulse width modulation to slow down the application of certain solenoids...for smoother driveabilty characteristics. And fuel pumps are pulse width modulated to maintain regulated pressure without a return..... But to slow down the water pump on a boss???

Must be some sort of angular discrepency in the high torque slobber valve installed behind the anal defibulator.....
There's some pretty good deals on the web site that Lamont posted . I'm thinking about That engine oil by pass kit . You would probably never have to change your oil . Good price too . Dam , it's a long winter .

Lamont...I just love the engine oil bypass concept! Think of it. No more contaminated oil, no more worry about oil changes and always totally clean oil!...Just great!...Joe
PS. I also really liked the 100% restrictor for the pipes....Joe
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