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Okay guys. This is my question. First of all I have 22k trouble free miles on my 2000 zz4. It is one of the first trans that BH introduced as a two speed. I would like to upgrade to the Nesco 3500 stall speed converter. So I figure I probably should pull the trans, send it to Nesco for their latest upgrades and kill two birds with one stone so to speak (up to date trans and hi stall converter).
I have the tools and ability to pull the trans. What kind of short cuts do you dudes have in pulling the trans? What to watch out for? Any tid bits of info would be appreciated.
Thanks dudes
Milos 8)

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Our young mechanic had never split a Boss Hoss until Monday...after 3 hours he had the tranny sitting on the floor by itself and he was being careful...I am sure he could do the next one in less than 2 hours...he was quite impressed at how it came apart.....we just put a scissor jack on each side of the front frame for support and the back was suspended from a block and tackle...we left the tank on...just lossened the front bolts and took out the back bolts and lifted it a bit to get at the top splitting bolts.

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