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Pics from the V8 Ride in Daytona-Part 5

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VERY COOL. Thanks Lamont!!! :lol:
Great pictures La mont. You always seem to go the extra mile. I owe ya a beer for making my day. I only wish I could have been there!!!! Steve
Man Lamonster ! Those are some really great pics and from the looks of them there are a lot of guys with some big dreams and a lot of time building those beautiful machines. Wish I could have been in Daytona to see them in person and hear the THUNDER ! Guess I will have to wait for Myrtle Beach and hope most of them show up there. Hope to have me another Hoss by then, working on getting one right now. You guys all keep up the fantastic work building the greatest motorcycle of all time !!!
If we could only get a sound track of that. It had to sound like a Nascar event. :D :D :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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