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pic of the bike

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Just wanted to share a picture of my bike, with the '05 headlight , Avon back tire and cut down windshield.
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At night time, I have 27 purple LED's hi-lighting the undercarriage, front & rear wheel & hubs.I wired it myself, was a good cold saturday afternoon project (Thank you Boggie Lights). The flag pole on a test run surrived 60 MPH.This upcoming Saturday is the annual Columbus Ohio Motorcycle Awareness Parade with police escort. We expect between 500 and 5,000 motorcyclists to join in.
Additionally Snydog and I am leading a pack of bikers in the Memorial Day parade with 250 units in the parade.
In the middle of my handlebars is my GPS Garman V. I had to buy that to keep the 3rd ex wife from saying turn left, when my manly instincts said turn right. Men never ask for directions, ya know!

Dave in Columbus

Sweeeet :lol: Sounds like you figured out the best way solve the "back seat" directions........ 8) (It ain't a GPS)


It only took me 15 years :(

18+ years & $1,000,000,000 in business :lol: 8) But it was worth every minute and every dollar to get rid of :lol:

Then found my current wife and found out that old men can have a good time :lol:


Ahmen brother, Been there done that, bought the damn T shirt. Prenups are the way to go. I also found a good one. Have a marriage date set for 8-13-05. I even thought about a marriage cermony including the Boss, but didn't want to freak her out too bad.
Will be my 4th marriage here (because I can), modren living through chemistry, ya gotta luv it!

Dave in Columbus, Ohio
How about a Boss motorcade????

I bet the lites look cool and I'd like to try that, except I try harder not to ride at night at all. You know, deer and other deadly stuff like that.

It must be a genetic thing..........or attitude....or something. Seems that a lot of the guys that I know on Bosses have experienced that wound, and a bunch are "mature" individuals wed to, or involved with women many years younger. Could it be that guys with enough b..., heart, to ride one of these things really do make better lovers :wink: Like I always say, I'm 59 going on 20 and I can't wait for 60 ! It's just a state of mind....right Jack??

We'd better not advertise that, just think of the freaks that would be running to the dealers :lol: 8)



Kind of like Aviation;

Most folks discuss their sig-other as their PRESENT spouse!

I made a better deal with my present spouse as well. 36+ years so far!

Ride Safe!
Hate to burst yer bubble guys.....

I am involved in a same sex marriage, for 23 years now. Same woman, same sex. I can't imagine having to go through the rituals again. If my wife was somehow gone, I think I'd just buy it. It would be cheaper and you could have a different one every night.

I hope she outlasts me so I don't have to make that choice either.

Of course, I'm a new Boss guy, so maybe I'll get divorced next year once it sinks in. :beer2: :biker3: :biker3:
crazymf said:
Hate to burst yer bubble guys.....

I am involved in a same sex marriage, for 23 years now.
Dude ... you scared me for a minute there :shock: :wink:

Kim and I have been together for about 20 years now ... No way I would be interested in starting over this day and age :roll: Way too much scary stuff out there.
Millionaire-4, thats a sweet lookin ride... U done good!

I say ya got to live with them first to see if you can put up with each others ****. Once you get that out of the way you got a good chance of makeing it work . Cheryl and I lived together 13 years before we got married in 1990 . Wouldn't trade her for 20 big blocks and I think she feels the same .

I scared you. That's funny.

There's a big deal all over about same sex marriages both in USville and Canuckland. We don't go for that here in Alberta, so far. Not to mention I hope there's a referendum and I can vote against it.

But some of us say that anyway, tongue in cheek. It's the only same sex marriages that should be allowed.
Beautiful ride! I hope most can make it to Dyersburg later this year for tha rally..I hope to meet all of you guys sometime! If not Dyersburg, maybe out on the road. :)

Sweet paint job. I'm a sucker for the mixed schemes. Very nice!
Re: Paint!

Patrick from Oregon said:
Sweet paint job. I'm a sucker for the mixed schemes. Very nice!
I like the paint job, too. Nice bike, Dave!


PS: It's a 99' - right?
How did you cut down the windshield? I think that yours is the same as mine ( a HD detacable) and I have been trying to find someone to cut it down without any luck.
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