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Palomar Ride

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When out today with some friends to survey the fire damage in and around Palomar Mountain, CA. A great day for riding, lots of bikes on the road. Here a couple minutes from my helmet cam.

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Nice ride yesterday Darryl
I see you got a few frames of the 109.
we'll have do that more often.
Yes, it was good to get out again and what a perfect day for a ride. I did get some good shots of your 9. I'm going to work up a mount so I can get some stills as well.
I'm sorta with Shon, I would like to get a camera mount too. I did have plans to mount my digital camera on the handle bars so I could get some video that way. I have a 4GB card in it so I can get around 40min of video. Not that it is the best, but good enough for the web.

But I know, one would like to have the ability to shoot more video that 40 min. I added that shield to the front, so now that is no longer an option anyways. Probably will need to mount off the forks somewhere.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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