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Overflow Canisters

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I have designed an overflow canister SPECIFICALLY for the Boss Hoss bikes and trikes....no stinking tabs to contend with to try and find a way to mount them to the bike....just a 2-piece bracket that clamps neatly around the canister and the crash bar...I will have them done in 2 weeks and will put pics of the completed units on my website. I will have prices, and extras for sale at that time and will be taking orders...stay tuned....I will post an update here
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I meant I will post an update when I have it....sorry....probably a couple weeks...
coolant overflow

e-mail me when the overflow cannisters are available and put me on order for one.
Thanks in advance, quogue
Please send me a private email to [email protected] with your shipping address and also your telephone number and I will call you this week with price and availability of the canisters....thanks for the interest
Here is the link to the pics and info of the cannisters...I am ready to take orders....

Coolant overflow cannisters

I now understand the need for coolant overflow cannisters. I went for a short ride last night around town (stop and go traffic) and then had about a two mile stretch of road at about 70MPH. When I got home, I shut down the bike and when I came back a couple of minutes later, I saw a puddle of coolant on the floor under the right sight of the bike. I saw the overflow hose dripping and figured out that it just puked out some coolant. Is this normal and is there a better way to cool down the bike than just shutting it down right away so the coolant won't come out of the overflow? My bike is a 2004 350 with just over 200 miles on it. Also found out that riding in shorts isn't going to work very well.
That's my bike you see with the coolant recovery canister on it that Barry posted. The bike was constantly puking coolant once the temp hit 200 or so. At $20 CDN for a jug of Dexcool it can get expensive. The canister looks real good, works great and tucks in nicely behind the engine crash bar. You'll notice I turned the clamp around so the allen head bolts are hidden on the back side of it. Nice job Barry.

Bryan Ward
One more comment I'll add. If you look at Barry's picture of the one where you can see the bolts, look at the front of my radiator. I live in the country and I have about 200 yards of gravel to travel on before I get to the highway. I was worried about rocks coming up off the front tire and possibly damaging the rad. So I got a piece of stainless screen that they call "10 mesh" which is 10 holes per inch, and sandwiched it between the fan and the rad. It also keeps the bugs out and is easy to clean with a high pressure washer, as long as you aim the washer down instead of straight at it.
Overflow cannisters

Those are good pictures of the cannister and a damn nice looking bike. I like the screen idea. Is the inlet into the bottom of the cannister threaded or just a nipple that the overflow hose is clamped on to? Is the cap vented? Thanks for the info.

The tube the hose is connected to is just a straight piece of stainless steel pipe. I put a small hose clamp under the fancy fafe fitting you see on it. I also put one on the rad end as well. You will also see another small pipe hanging down beside it. This pipe runs up high inside the canister to about an inch from the top. It is an overflow pipe and acts as a vent as well, so there is no need for venting on the cap. You must hose clamp both ends of the braided hose so the system will work properly. If you don't the hot coolant may enter the canister OK, but will not get sucked back into the rad again once it cools down if indeed it's able to suck air. It works like a siphon.
I like the screen you installed. At what kind of store did you get it. Plumbing supply, home improvement (like Home Depot) hardware store? Or did you order it? Thanks!!
Hi Don B.

I found a store in Calgary that specializes in screens, called Accurate Screens. They sell any kind of screen you can think of to the construction and oil industries. I think the dimensions I wanted were 19 3/4 X 14 3/4, so I got them to cut it to size for me. Cost $15.
Thanks Bryan. I'll see if I can locate some. Maybe accurate screens has a website. Thanks again.........
I just phoned Accurate Screens Ltd. (403-723-0323). They are just in the process of building a website. Talk to Bob.
Their mailing address is:

8080 E 36th St. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta,
T2C 2J4
Thanks again Bryan!!! I wonder if they'd cut me a piece the same size as yours and send it. Maybe I should measure first. Is your fan the only thing keeping it in place on your radiator?.........Don
Don, I talked to Bob and he didn't think it would a problem to send you one pre-cut. I advise you measure it because I could be mistaken about the dimensions. Make sure the edges tuck in under the lip of the rad as you see in the picture. With it tucked under and the six fasteners on the rad it is very solid there and it doesn't move. You should get a new fastener kit from your local Boss Hoss dealer. It comes with the sticky foam rubber pads as well as six fasteners.
What can I say Bryan......You're a good man! I just happen to have a set of those fasteners in my "supplies" box! I'll go measure and give Bob a call. Thanks very much!! :capwin: .........Don
One more question.....does the screen go completely behind the fan? That is from one side of the rad to the other in one piece? I assume it does, but was wondering if it at all hampered the air flow from the fan through the radiator. Thanks......Don
Don, it's one solid piece with nothing cut out behind the fan. As far as I can tell it doesn't seem to restrict air flow, but I'm sure it would have to a little bit. We haven't had enough warm weather up here yet to be able to tell. When the fan does come on, it seems to cool down at the same rate it did before.
I spoke with Bob, but maybe when you spoke with him, he didn't know I was in New York. He said sending it through customs might be a problem. So he gave me the exact info on what to ask for from a supplier closer to where I am. Now I just have to find a supplier. Think I'll go to a screen store, and see what I can find out. Thanks for your efforts!! :D ...........Don
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