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olaf and ramona make arizona bike week!!

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olaf and ramona from germany, mike koehn, and ralphie had a great time in phoenix at arizona bike week! thanks ralphie for hospitality you showed us, look forward to coming to the rally next year.
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Say hi to them :D I am sure they are having a good time.
Would have liked to have been there for that one. :D
Wow , now I know why Olaf spends lots of time at home!!!
Ramona is still quite the hottie!!! :twisted: Loafer is looking quite studly. Loaf, where did you get that cool Boss Hoss shirt??? I need one in a 7-X. :oops:

Mike, it has been quite a while since this picture and the one on your avatar. :lol:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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