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Oil Pressure

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What should the oil pressure gauge read at idle in gear on a stock 502?

I noticed my guage reads very low under the above conditions. It shows a tad lass than 50 psi at about 2000 RPMs. I made sure it was full of oil. Is this right?

Chris :?:
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I have seen similar readings on my 502. At idle, mid 30's (psi) at best. As the rpm's come up so does the reading. I'd be curious to see if others have similar readings.


I think I have a shot gauge maybe. I thought I saw it spike today when I started the bike. I noticed at a light later that it was reading about 10 psi at idle in gear. Scared the crap out of me. When I rev it up or cruise along at 60 or so I'm near 50psi. Full of oil and I guess if the oil pump is pumping at 60mph it is pumping at idle, too. I'm thinking a bad gauge.

my 502 shows 25 at idle and a good 55 on the hwy.

I was reading the factory manual and it says that you should run 20W50 oil. I use 10W30
but I am going to change this spring to the 20W50. I know that many years ago Chevrolet
had a problem with the lifters going flat, at continuous high speeds, in the big blocks so they
recommend 20W50 racing oil from Pennzoil.
I would change the oil and see what it is showing plus speed the engine to 750 to 800 in gear.

Adrian, I've personally swung both ways on this one but...after reading all the research that Neil did on this subject, it became clear the 10W-30 was the ONLY recommendation I saw for the Chevy crate motors.

I run it in both bigblocks including use at the track and in some blistering temps with no problem. When I over-rev the lifters go flat with 10W-30, 20W-50 or racing 50weight.

The articles focused on the passages being specifically designed for a lighter viscosity oil than 50W.

There's probably other stuff on the net that would refute that suggestion but it sure sounded like reasonable science to me. :?:

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