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Last night I got together with a few friends that race Pro Harley's and
took the Boss to Great Lakes Drag Strip, not to race, but just to hang
out and have a few refreshments. For the younger folks on the board,
Great Lakes was one of the formost strips in the old days that racers
like Swamp Rat - Don, Grumpy Jenkins, Stone, Wood and Cook, set
many a record on.

Anyway, as I pull into the pit area, I see the anouncer , with a microphone
walk over to me, and interview me live over the PA about the BH. Wow,
ego trip number one :shock:

Later on in the evening, I ran into an old friend from my Harley days,
whom is one of the formost HD engine builders in the country, Rob
Schopf from Hal's Harley Davidson in Milwaukee. Along with Rob was
Tom Bradford their race driver who runs a 7 second quarter mile Harley
drag bike. I always promised Rob that I would let him drive my Hoss,
so I gave him the keys, and told him to keep the boost level under 5 lbs
as I was running street gas. Rob took it on a side road off the pit area,
and had a little fun, without even touching the boost. Rob comes back
with a big smile on his face and said "WOW", this thing is crazy.

Next Tom Bradford ask me if he could drive it, so off he goes on the
same road in full view of the pits. You have to understand, not to
many bikes impress these guys, as they have been there and done
it all. They are middle age men, not young kids.

Tom comes back, shuts the trike down, walks over to me and says,
" I drive 7 second Harley drag bikes for a living, but I have never felt
that kind of power before".........Ego trip number two :shock:

Now one would think, it just couldn't get any better in one evening, but
it does.

Great Lakes just built a open air type bar at the strip and late in the
evening they were promoting a few of the Harley guys to do burn-outs
starting in the bar and heading into the pit area. I headed for the pits
and lit the Hoss, back into the bar, and proceeded to do one wild
hole-shot. The people went crazy.....................

I park and get off the trike and this guy comes up to me an ask my
name, introducing himself as the owner of Great Lakes Drag Strip.
I thought I was in big trouble !!

He says, " Any time you want to race that bike at Great Lakes, it won't
cost you a penny" .. Gotta remember, he said this in front of a very
large group of Harley riders...........Ego trip number 3.. :shock:

Man, and I thought at my age, life couldn't get any better.

The wife wants to put my head in the vice and try to get it back to
normal size :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Thats way to cool bro. The Boss is like no other street machine and yours is off the charts. :lol:

You will grow old, but you don't have to grow up.

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:D :D :D :D :D :D I just want to know how you got home with your head swollen up so big! :D :D :D :D :D :D I was supposed to go to the strip tonight but it will be tomorrow before I can get the new BFG put on!!!! :twisted: Got to fly down to Houston this afternoon to drive my wife new car back to DFW. :(

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That is great and I understand how you feel. Most drag strip owners would love to have you do a exhibition run because that Trike is a killer.


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What a great story and a great night but I missed the best paragraph! Why didn't anyone take a run down the strip?! C'mon man, you're going to be stuck as an enigma forever whether it rips down the track or stays in the pits so... LET 'ER RIP AND LET'S HEAR SOME NUMBERS!!!

Having had the 2 and 3 wheeled Bosses, I will attest to no bigger thrill than hammering it on the trikes. My nitrous bigblock was pretty mean but didn't hold a candle to your sweet ride. I sure wish I had the opportunity to stage with that dude. You wouldn't get me doing the 1/4 mile but I'd be ready in a nanosecond for the 1/8th. How 'bout loading 'er up for a weekend in the Keys or S. Beach with a little diversion at Immokalee?!


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I know, I know, I need to do something at the strip with this damn
thing, one way or another. I made sure I filled up on street gas and
left the wheelie bars off when I went to Great Lakes, just to make sure
I wasn't tempted. :lol: :oops:

I just purchased a menthol injection kit, which will allow me to inject
menthol on boost . I will be able to run street gas, but have all
the bennys of 104 octane. With the current fuel system, as the front
tank feeds the back tank, It's a real pain to get a pure race gas
mixture in the rear tank that feeds the pump. But oh, does it ever
love race gas.

I also need to get off dead center and tune this thing up for the strip.
I have a air-fuel ratio system I can use for testing, but the only way
to truely test for detenation is 8-egt probes in the exhaust. What a pain.

But when you get on serious boost, everything better be right or I will
be building a new engine. :(

Already planning my next hoss. A truck trike, dual coffee holders, a
weekly pill box, and a ZZ4 with a two barrel carb, and don't forget the
large trunk can hold alot of depends. :p

Please don't forget to keep the stories comming about the S. Flordia boys
quest for power. Puts a hugh smile on my face just reading them.

Hawk, my wife is the picture person in the family, and I will try to get
her to shoot some up to date ones of the Boss.

Thank you all for the kind words. :capwin:


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Terrific Trike


I guess I am the last to check in. I loved your story and having spent a lot of days at the Great Lakes Strip as a kid it brought back a lot of memories.

You have one awesome Trike! I wish I lived closer. As you are aware, I am a pretty conservative rider. I would get vicarious pleasure out of just "watching".

Your machine makes me feel like I should rename my 502 Trike a "Tricycle".

I hope to ride with you in Dyersburg.

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