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No fan relay! (UPDATED)

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I went to put in my sucker fan under the tank today and when I went to wire it up I noticed I didn't have a fan relay! This thing was running right to the fues box. I had to cut off about a inch of wire at the fuse block because it was real stiff.
So I wired the new fan to the same relay as the old fan and I think that is going to solve my vapor lock problem. This really pulls a lot of hot air from under the tank. Time will tell. :D

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This has turned out to be a great mod. I went for a putt in town today and I let my temps get up to 180, when I kicked on the sucker fan you wouldn't believe the amount of heat that thing is pulling out from under the tank. I would say my vapor lock days are gone for good.
I did make one change when I got home. I put the sucker fan on it's own switch because I noticed when I get above 30 mph the ram air starts to work against the fan and I still wanted to keep the fan on the radiator running so I needed to run a separate switch. I can tell you that this is worth doing for more that one reason, it also pulls a lot of the heat off of you when your sitting in traffic, that right there makes it worth doing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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