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I put a NOS sniper system on my bike and got to take it for a little test ride tonight.... All I can say at this point is WOW.... This could be addictive!! 100 extra ponies at the touch of a button... Poor little avon :oops: 70 mph and it will SMOKE it. :lol:
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Where did you get your Sniper system? What size bottle? Did you get the whole system from the same place? Thanks!!
I got the system from JEGS and the bottle and mount from Summit boss hoss in Florida. All total about 850.00. Best money I have spent since buying my boss. :lol: (still grinning)...... The bottle is 2 1/2 lb. polished job that mounts to the shock.
Hey Tom,

Did you use the micro switch on the carb? How did you hang your solenoids? I bought the Sniper and have been putting it together this week and am having trouble mounting the micro switch. I see Edelbrock makes a bracket mount. I can make one but seems to be easier to buy one already set up.

Hi Bill,
I used the bracket that came with the kit for the micro switch. Bend it as short as you can and it will work. Your bend should go right through the uppermost hole for the switch. I didn`t make a bracket for the solenoids. They are pretty small and light so I think they will be fine. All the mounting brackets I looked at were for the larger solenoids. If you find some, let me know.

It is a gas :lol: 8) You'll begging for more tire in short order, or you will be ordering them in large quanities for discount :lol:

Amazing how big a boost it gives huh?? Enjoy :wink:


Check Marvs site, he has the system, the tanks and mounting brackets and lines. One other nice addition is a NOS pressure gauge so you can see where you are in bottle pressure. They can be ordered form a bunch of places, liquid filled work best.

That stuff will put a grin on your face for sure. I used a gauge on my system too. Looks cool if nothing else. 8)
As always...Thanks a bunch! :capwin:

Nice thing about the gauge, if it gets cool out and the pressure drops below 900# or so, you don't get a good hit, I found on mine that below 800# the bike just runs real rich when you hit the button. Helps in knowing when to reload :lol:

Boss Hoss = instand Viagra -----Boss Hoss+NOS = Instant Viagra on steroids :lol: 8) :? :capwin:

I told you you didn't have to inhale the stuff to get a big smile on your face.
Hey, Don...Are you going for NOS? If so I may have to go for Shafiroff's aluminum block 434cid/595 hp motor next winter...Joe
I'm not tellin! :wink:
So how are you liking your new truck? That is one awesome looking rig.
Hey Joe,
I thought you were going for the 472 sbc. :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Elvis...Honestly I would but I take long trips and need a very streetable engine which the 572 seems not to be. I'm going to visit them and talk...who knows?....Joe
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