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Nice Choppers

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I wonder who's these are :D
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Last time I saw 'em, they were at the Kannon dealer in Daytona! :D
Wow - now that is a true custom V8 bike!!!! They are awesome!! You couldn't do that with a Boss, they are ground up customs.
You're exactly right. There were actually 3 of them but one was involved in a bad wreck in Daytona. Unfortunately, a gal was injured pretty bad. All kinds of repercutions as a result. They are actually not Kannon MC but rather Kannon Motorsports. Gary and I bought the remaining 2, have done some refinements and are going to build a third.

You guys just wouldn't believe what it's like dealing with the Kannon guys. Not better people on the planet, they listen, they care, they respond. Excellent experience so far.

Although they're currently not producing these choppers, there's talk that there's the prospect of 2 speed trannies in the future. Personally, we don't care about that with this kind of bike. Between the hardtail frame, no windshield, seating position etc, this is NOT a cruiser in any way.

Wish I could keep the 502 (Big Red) and this chopper and my FJR but I can't. No room and just too many 2 wheelers. The Boss goes although I have nothing but great things to say about them.

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I sat on this bike in Daytona. Better watch your legs on those pipes!! :shock:
This is my buddy's wife sitting on your new Baby!!
Good luck with them! :capwin:

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