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New trailer

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Learned a few lessions about buying enclosed trailers. 1. They are expensive. 2. Good used one's are hard to come by. 3. Used trailers are almost as much as new ones.

Settled on a 2008 6x10 from Interstate. Included was the spare, 3/4" floors, ramp loading, side door, installed tie downs and interior light.

Four more weeks and we're finally getting the heck out of California. The bike and some personal stuff is going in the trailer, one Jeep is getting shipped, the horse will be leaving right after us and ABF Trucking is taking the rest of our junk. We'll be on the road April 30th - May 4th. Tennessee here we come. Get that Nitrous mower ready Lamont. ;)

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Hey Darryl, good luck on the trip dude and hope everything works out for you back there in Hicksville. :icon10: :wave:
Thanks bro. I'll give you a ring before we leave. Whats going to be cool is being able to fly right off my own property any ol time I want. ;D
I can see that as a very good plus. Plus you can work on stuff and not have to worry about upsetting the neighbors. There is one guy up the street from me who doesn't like my M109 when I leave for work at 0430.I haven't flown any planes in quite a time now. We have been too busy going on ride with the motorcycles. Hell, I already have 5,400 miles on the Kaw. There is a group of guys up in Orange Co, that we have been riding with once a month all with 109's. Last month there was 17 of us. Pretty cool riden around in a big group like that terrorizing people with the loud bike. :pepper2: I got a 2Bro pipe for the Kaw, sounds good.

Although someone sent me a link to DW Foamies and I might just by another foamie. I have sold all of my planes. the only thing I have left is my Charger bipe and my 14mz radio. Everything else is gone.
Wow, even your big gasser?
Yep, everything. A guy ask me how much to make it his and I told him $2K, he said, ok. I do kind of miss that one though. You never got a chance to see that one is action, but I could put the rudder on the runway anytime I wanted.
It was a 35%, at 105" wingspan. It doesn't look that big in this photo, but it is across the runway.

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Nice! It's been awhile since I've been flying. Looking forward to getting some stick time soon. Of course with all the TN roads yet to be explored this summer, R/C may take a back seat for a bit. I can't wait to give Deals Gap a try. So many things to do, so little time.
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