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New pull back risers / mustang seats

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Got to see this on both bike and trike at the factory rig in Sturgis. one word--- FANTASTIC! they will do the trick for anyone with short arms.
Doug was suppose to have Levi at the factory send some up to Sturgis, but guess they never got it done. I decided to finally bite the bullet and get a mustang seat with drivers back rest after trying out our denver buddies seat. We got it on, felt great! Then we set out for a 100 mile ride. I made it as far as Deadwood (about 10 miles) before turning around. Seems the mustang seat sits me up about 2 1/2-3" higher than the old stock banana seat. I didnt have an extra 2" of arm length to spare, so put the stocker back on for the rest of the rally. Just thought i would throw that in for anyone considering a non stock seat. once i get the pullbacks on it should all work well (i hope). will letcha know!
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Also at Sturgis, as usual, were the '05 prototypes for next year. A bunch of new and nice changes coming.

Switch assemblies on the bars and brake controls are now billet with button type operation, new headlight assembly, new peg mounts, standard mini tach in the dash, LED panel in the dash showing fuel, high beam and other essential indicators and a manual fan control switch that allows you to turn the fan ON at any time you desire. Also they have started using a 185 degree fan sensor that they had made for BH to get away from the inconsistant operation temps on the 195's they were using.

The trikes evidently are having changes to the bodies to allow more room for the passenger and rider (?).

Most of the new stuff is retrofit capable to older bikes.

That is all good news to me :lol: My bike is supposed to be shipped today... should see it by monday or tuesday. I feel like a kid waitiing on santa claus!!!! I don`t think I have ever been so anxious over a toy.

I excited about seeing your new ride. Be sure and call me when it comes in so I can see it. We are leaving Friday for Portland, and then over to the coast and back home. Should be back by week from Monday. I think Cozaey could use the pull backs and sound like a good idea. She has put 11,000 miles on the Trike from the time you guys last saw us at the Rally. It is so neat to have someone that wants to go ride all the time like I do.


The risers would be the cats meow for Cozaey...I sat on a two wheeler at the rally and they really do come up and way back.

Man, you two are burning up the road ;) Great to hear you're getting out and doing your thing though. Like we talked at Osage, life is pretty short and unpredictable...........Hoping that by next spring Vicki and i will both be semi retired........we have both given our notice for the end of December, so maybe then we'll be able to stretch out some of the trips we take into something more relaxing.

Say "hi" to your bride for us, hope we'll see ya at the rally next year.

Sure will! You guys be safe and have a good time. See ya soon.
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