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Just found your group here so thought i'd join.Been a fan of v8 bikes and trikes for a long time.Money has been the problem for now.Well now the bigger problem is i can't hold up bike,me and wife.Bikes gone,wife still here :( .Well now got new idea going to build a V8 trike.Problem is and i know to each his own but some trikes are just too big.Is that polite enough. The ones i like are the boss hoss style but OUCH way too much cash.So it's to the poormans way BUILD IT. American king V* has some good frames to graft onto a rearend.If anyone has any input,info,ANYTHING just come out and let it fly.
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I know where a nice trike (not a Boss) is for sale. The guy just bought another one just like it. He loves it.
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nice but wrong

Nice bike but still too big,wrong style for me don't like the car look.
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