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Thanks for letting me join, i just got this Boss Hoss from Barry, yes his 57 Chevy with the 502. I had all kinds of bikes except a Harley since I started riding at 50 years old. In 2008 I flew to LAX to pick up a Honda in Huntington Beach and rode it back to Canada in April. All going good until snow in Montana made me get a U Haul van to-get me and the bike home.
In 2003 in Sturgis I demo rode a new Indian Chieftain and really liked it but at $29,000 US it was too much. I finally got a 1999 Indian Chief in 2010 from British Columbia. In 2014 I ordered the new Indian Chieftain till 2016 when I had a screwed up shoulder from a work accident, another accident in 2017 and had to sell the bike. My riding days were over and I got back into hot rods again.
This pass summer my friend Dean Holmes brought his Boss Hoss to a car show I was at. Curosity started looking and found this trike in Alberta. I swore I would only ride 2 wheels but this big block in a trike looking like a 57 chevy wtf. I made a deal with Barry and now I am on this site to learn more about these amazing bikes and maybe I can help with a thing or 2. Getting this trike and back into motorcycling I got my chance to revisit View attachment 60593 the passion I have for this sport.

Beautiful Boss Hoss.

Thanks for sharing.
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