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New guy needs a clutch bike GURU!

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Hi, I am Jack Phillips, I live in Central Fl. near the Space Center, and am brand new as a Boss Hoss owner. I purchased a 97 "clutch" bike that was "reborn" @ MBHC in Jan 04. It has the MBHC Frame Loop Mod, allowing the newest Gates belt, with a 38T front, and 80T rear sproket, and 03 swingarm and inverted 03 forks with 4 degrees extra rake. My first problem, MBHC can only get me an 03 or 04 manual (already ordered) and I already need some clutch adjustment (recent clutch and pressure plate) and don't know which "geframjit" to twist where without a manual or clutch bike Guru. Even though I am deep into the bi-focal age, I usually follow instructions rather well. Might anyone out there have a clutch bike book I could pay to get a copy of?

If someone could send me their number, I will call on my nickle for adivce. Thank you, I'm sure I will have lots of other questions, but am damned proud of the Hoss. What an absolute RUSH!

Jack Phillips

By the way, what did she mean about selling my half of the waterbed anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H: 321-639-3969

C: 321-426-5243
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E-Mail address'

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my BRAIN the most!

Cain't really ask for advice without providing other means of receiving responses!

My e-mail address' are:

Home: [email protected]

UNIVERSAL: [email protected]

Jack Phillips
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Congrats on the new bike! Your going to love it. Sorry but I can't help you on the clutch adjustment but you can bet there are guys here that can. Seeing you already did a lot of upgrades you might want to look for a auto trans while your at it. I have a buddy that just went from a clutch to a single speed auto and he just loves it.

By the way I bought a 99 and did the same thing as far a upgrades. At the time it was cheaper than a new bike I thought but I'm right at what a good late model used one would have cost me but I did have a lot of fun getting to know my bike. :D
Clutch Info

Congrats on the new Hoss and welcome aboard. I have a 96' clutch bike that I recently converted to a single speed automatic. I have had alot of clutch experience with the Boss Hoss. I don't know if I am a "guru" but I do have lots of info for you. I also have the right manual for that bike. I could copy it and send it to you. I will send you an e-mail with my phone number.


Welcome to the group......you're gonna love it :lol: More fun than 100 virgins :eek: And you don't have to blow yourself up to get it :lol:

Tim 8)
Hey Jack,

Welcome and Congrats. I own a 98 clutch Boss. I got my manual directly from the factory. Give them a call and they will get one in the mail to you for about $20.

It may have been ten bucks, but I am leaning towards twenty.

Put up a picture of your new ride when you get the hang of it and the time.

If you want to talk clutches, I can be reached at:


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