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New 540 Shafiroff Monster Is Here!!!

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We are in the process of putting the bike back together with the new 540 and it should be a screamer! Scott Shafiroff spent some time building this engine to be bike friendly rather than car friendly. Because of the space limitations, we sent the intake along with the carburetor which was gone thru completely and the HB along with the Flex Plate and the new “Mountain Headers”(thanks to those guys for drop shipping them to Scott! and, they are gorgeous!) so everything could go on the dyno together..

The engine is using one of Scott’s cam grinds and he had Brodix make some heads because of compatibility issues with his standard ones. The engine makes over 600 ft-lb’s from 2800-5800. The tranny was sent back to Nessco for the HD TQ Converter with a little higher stall speed and optimized stator! The MT “I” Type tire is going on the back and I can’t wait to get it on the road. The valve covers Scott did for me at no cost BTW are simply gorgeous—see this link to get to the dyno charts and pictures of the engine! I will post again after the “Flying Brick” gets back on the road!

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I will post again after the “Flying Brick” gets back on the road!
Well, how about an update?
Well—picked the bike up on Friday and rode it pretty much all day yesterday ran 15 Gallons thru it! First—the engine is sweet and the transmission mods are as well but the sound is well AWSOME! After this week the 500 mile service will be done and the engine and tranny will be tested as to its full potential! Scott told me to go ahead and “ride it like you stole it” but I am being a little more prudent but not much! The MT I Tire make a HUGE difference in hookup—even though handling is compromised some You could not run fast enough to give me another motorcycle type tire (not enough contact area)! I love it now as when the tire spins it doesn’t kick the bike to the left like the Avon and the 502 did, it just goes straight! The tire hooks up orders of magnitude better than the Avon!!

I actually had 2 different people ask (one guy may be getting a divorce soon over what he wants to do) me to pull over so they could look at the bike and I lost count at the honks and thumbs up signs! Now for the important stuff—yesterday it was 88-89 and the hottest the bike got was 190 in some heavy stop and go traffic but on the road ran about 150 to 160!!! This blew my mind! The tank had to be raised about an inch and a half because of the tall valve covers as well as larger heads this coupled with the relocation of the turn signals to the top of the chrome crash bars (love em) helped the air flow along with adjusting the radiator as far away from the engine as possible and leaving the Mountain Headers exposed to dissipate the heat all helped!

I would like to comment on the people at Texas Boss Hoss who put it all together—the bike is better than when the factory did it as Curtis and Rick fixed all of their screw ups when he put it back together i.e. bolts cross threaded wiring relocated securely etc. If anyone really wants to know the difference Curtis Pyatt at TBH has been riding and building these things since they came in kits he has ridden it and has a pretty good basis to make a comparative so call him if you are thinking of doing this. I will post the dyno and times when I get out to do that but I am shickled titless about the way this project turned out!! :D :D :D :D
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How about some Pics of the new bike

Hey Dave,
When you get a chance post a few pics...Ray
X-Ray--you have mail. The only short term mod being made besides adding the Skull Headlight, front and rear turn signals and Shull Kickstand is replacing the carb with a Demon. The complete rework of the OEM carb did help but this motor needs a mechanical secondary to realize its full potential.

The Edlebrock is a weak sister but because of heat problems, BH is forced to use it. Scott Shafiroff suggested the Demon (he has one built for the 540 engine subsequently it is not a cataloged part from Demon) from day one but we did not think that the tank would have to be raised however, the large valve covers required raising the tank. That being the case why handicap the engine I just wish we had raised the tank another inch so the intake would work as well.
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