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Myrtle Beach??

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Anyone going to Myrtle Beach Bike Week?

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Hello John,

Some buddies and I are riding the Blue Ridge Parkway starting next week and then on to Myrtle Beach for the 11th & 12th only. Staying at the Sea Mist Hotel.
I'm going down from the 11th till the 14th. Heres's my cell number: 919-413-1427.

Thinking about it. I may go down on the last Friday and head back Saturday.
Myrtle is best early

Those last three days at Myrtle are really a traffic
hell. It's much better to go earlier in the week and
leave early if you're just staying a few days. I
usually stay a full week (I have in-laws in town), but
won't be making it this year.

I highly recommend the Sea Mist, covered parking, great security, beach barnext door, and within walking distance of the Dog
House south for watching the typical bike week antics.
We will be arriving on Friday (7th) and leaving on Wednesday (12th). Staying at the Hampton Inn, 1803 Ocean Blvd. There should be at least 3 Hoss's in our party (606, 502, ZZ4). As Jim mentioned, the last few days of the rally is a traffic nightmare. Begining of the week is much better for getting around. Let's try to hookup if possible.
My cell # is 610-659-3484. Give me a shout when you guys get in to town or swing by the Hampton.

Ride Safe


The Hampton is a real nice property if you've never stayed there. We're on the north end of town for just a couple of nights.


Sure was nice meeting you and Charlie. Hope you had a good trip back.


It was nice meeting you also. Everyone made it home safe. The trip this year was filled with mixed emotions. Friends 606 broke the flywheel after taking it off the trailer when we arrived. Didn't get to ride at all. Others at our hotel had two trailers stolen. That sucks. Whenever you get that many people together, the low life element follows. Anyway, best of luck with your ride. It sure sounded good when you throttled it up leaving!!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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