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My first ride impressions.

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Hey dudes,
Got my teeth broke in now after last week and I thought I'd share what was told to me about the Hoss and how I may differ or concur.

"You'll love the power"
- Yeah

"You'll be driving it around town and it's so well balanced that even your wife can ride it"
- It's well balanced, but heavy. I have to be careful on stopping and tell my wife not to budge while stopped. She's not experienced or confident enough to handle this bike herself. I try to make sure I've got a dry foothold when I stop. Backing up is good, but got to watch it on side grades. I feel the bike IS well balanced but feel most comfortable with it when it's moving, even slow. I didn't have any problems with 2 people and loaded bags etc. This bike is not for new bikers. I suggest 20 years experience to play safe with these.

"You won't even feel the wind on the highway because it's heavy"
- A 40 mph sidewind still tosses it around. Actually, when a heavy sidewind hits, that's when you can feel the weight of the bike when you're fighting it. I have to think though, that a lighter bike, like my Glide, would be worse so I'll agree with the comment, to a certain extent, but not black and white.

"You will instantly want one"
- I bought mine before riding one, but would have wanted one instantly.

My biggest difference with it is that you MUST drive even more defensively than before and because of the ease of speed, I find myself having to make myself remember to respect it. I love riding the bike because of the presence it emanates, even when not using all the power. It's by far the coolest bike on the road. A Chevy hot rod on 2 wheels.

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:biker: Yep... baddest bike on the planet.
I just put a couple hundred miles on my new 502 and I agree with you completely. A few things I'd like to add:

1. The bike is not easy to ride. I would not recommend it to anyone with less than 20 years experience.

2. The power is explosive. I think you could easily high-side the bike because the back tire breaks loose so easily.

3. Ground clearance is very limited. It's easy to come into a corner too hot, drag the pipes and go wide in the turns.

4. The bike has so much surface area, it blows around in side winds and needs to be muscled around because of the weight.

5. The extreme performance means you have to be thinking way ahead at all times. You can get in lots of trouble real fast if you're not paying attention.

All the above being said, I really enjoy riding the bike. It's in a class all its own. It doesn't really compare to anything I have riden before...

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Congrats on your new bike. Like everything new, it will take some getting used to. After a while #'s 1 through 4 either won't apply to you, or won't matter.
#5 you should never forget.
Relax and enjoy. There's nothing like it!!!! :wink:


I think you will find the more you ride the bike, it will become an
addiction. They just have a way of increasing the smile factor.

At night you will go to sleep, thinking of your ride that day, and it
never goes away. Their is no cure :lol:

If your like many of us, when you were young you dreamed on sitting
on a V-8.

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Yup, it's all of that. Just remember to stay IN the throttle when you light the rear tire up. Not sure about the big blocks, but on the small blocks, the rear end likes to drift to the right about 2'. It will come back straight if you stay in the gas......if you let off it will give the term "bitch slap" an entirely new meaning 8) I've done a couple of burnouts on mine and Wags', but Wags' almost 'slapped' me a couple weeks ago 'cause I had not been on a "round" tire for a season......I had it all the way to the fork stops before deciding I'd had enough....

You went with the 300 rear tire didn`t you? How about some pics??
Interesting that the test rider (6' babe) from Don Bs' post had the same reaction to riding one for the first time :lol:

I agree it's not a bike for the faint of heart or low experienced rider.....but I'd bet there are a lot of folks riding these things that had little or no prior experience on big bikes previous......it's the "wow" factor that made them do it......those are the scoots on e-bay, 2 or 3 yrs old and under 1500 miles and dirt cheap :lol: The "wow" factor turned into the "oh ****" factor and off they go into the sunset :lol:

But they are sooooooo fun 8) :capwin:

I ride (rode) 1980 flt harley and various other big bikes over the years. Mainly highway driving.I find the side wind factor on the boss to be minimal. The only time it has been a bother is when that big crosswind gust comes out of nowhere and is strong enough to push my helmet into the side of my face. With these it is going to get the adrenaline pumping regardless of your bike size. I rode with my buddy on a new triumph and he was white knuckeling while I was riding at times with one hand and quite comfortably at that. A side wind that pushes you over a foot or so is not a big deal if you float with it and dont over compensate.
Now, backing these things up is my biggest problem. At 5' 8" 155lbs my room for error is none. Went over a 1" lip at an angle, tire was half way up on the lip but my leg had no more leangth and the bike started to lean over. Couldnt lift my leg for better footing so had to lay it down as gently as I could. Broke the brake lever and bent up the foot peg. No other damage and a big smile on my face when I saw no paint damage.

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Done that, been there. Kinda sucks for the "ego" factor, but like you said, once you get it up and get the gas leak stopped, and find no sheet metal damage it's pretty good.

I did it the first day of the '04 BH rally riding with Adrian & the gang, so it was really embarrassing.....took 4 of us to get it upright.....laid it down on the downhill side of a rutted up, gravel parking lot.......and that was still with the "round" Metzler on it :oops: Only thing that kept it from going all of the way down was the NOS bottle.

Oh well...it almost made me think about getting rid of it and going back to a "little Fatboy or FLH".....thought better of it though later :wink:

If you stay out of that nasty Cricket bar that **** wouldn't have happened . LOL

Oh Jack you know me too well :lol: :beer3: Worse thing was, they were closed :cry: All that and we didn't even have a cocktail :cry:

I remember you posting that there was where you dropped it . We had fun at that bar . Cheryl and I still have our Cricketts . Crickett Crickett
I don't really know you that well but I think I know you well enough to know that it would take more than that to make you go back to a Harley . I had a love affair with Harleys for 50 years and the only reason I would ever go back is if I was too old and feeble to hold up the Boss and when that happens I'll be dead .

When that happens you can always get a trike..... Then make it killer like your two wheeler.
Thanks Tom for your kind words . I think I got a few good years to go but a Trike may be a better choice but how do you back one up to a curb in front of a biker bar or do you have to parallel park ?


You're right :lol: I feel like if I need to ride a Harley I can always take Vickis (if she'll let me)........

A trike would be my alternative to the 2 wheeler.....but I'd have to figure out a system for burnouts.....god I love the smoke :lol: :beer8: :cop2:

We have our original crickets and a new set from last year :lol: I think we found a new place though...the boys at the VFW in the valley below the dam treated us pretty good last year. So good in fact that we considered skipping Dyersburg and making a trip to Osage instead :wink:

TJzz4 said:
You went with the 300 rear tire didn`t you? How about some pics??
I'm still working on the bike. I went with the 300 tire, a stretched tank and now I'm doing a custom seat and body work. The bike's really going to look good I think. I still haven't gone to paint!

I'll post some pics as soon as it's done (maybe another month)...

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