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Lamont, I have some "free" Avons for you, hee hee! I shoulda known I'd pee on someone's Corn Flakes when I potty mouthed the street tires. I'm going to elaborate a minute before I demonstrate how I actually agree with you.

I haven't found one car tire that comes close to handling the way the Avon 230 does. Even a 245x15 represents a problem to me on real twisties or badly crowned roads. You're never always straight up and having to lean against the crown. For that real m/c handling without having any fight with the handlebar, a m/c tire wins hands down vs the car tire. My 2 cents only. I think we can prove that Lamont around Shady Valley using a Avon 230 vs. ANY car tire.

In spite of that, there are some fairly well behaved car tires especially in the 15 inchers. Haven't yet found a suitable 18" car tire that you didn't have to really muscle.

I'm at an impasse because I can no longer use the 280 Metzler with the Chopper City wheel, I can't find a good 18" to go on that wheel in a car tire, I don't want to spend another thousand $'s or so on yet another wheel, I dislike the the looks of the Avon 230...

I think my personal solution will be to keep an Avon 230 mounted on the 15" for when I want to go to NC and/or really ride the Boss that style and keep a not-too-radical car tire on the 18" wheel for looks and around town. As Lamont mentions, you can get great burnouts out of the car tires and replace them for less than a hundred bucks. Apparently, enough riding and you get used to them. The changing back and forth isn't really a big deal 'cept for the hassle of changing the hub back and forth. Anyone have a spare hub for sale? Anyone want a decent deal on a 6 month old Chopper City 18" chrome wheel?

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That's why I quit eating corn flakes. ;)
Not a problem Bro. The tire I'm running now is only a 225 because they were out of the 235's so I figured what the heck I'll burn this one up and then go with the 235. This tire has a nice rounded edge from the factory but it is only rated at 120 mph. To be honest with you I don't run those speeds enough to worry about it. Like I said I am totally happy with this tire and for me it's working out great. To each it's own. All I know is I never even think about tire cost when I'm doing a burnout and I have no problem running Deals Gap with a car tire. That's all the right reasons for me to keep running a car tire. ;)

Have you considered the 250 Avon for the CCS rim?? It should be just about perfect and not so much smaller to create a visual issue???

Just an idea, I guess with the way we ride (conservative compared to you So. Fl. boys) I may get a little better wear out of my 280, but I'm still going to see if Marv ever got the wider ones done.

Better wear???????? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!! Not when you finally get to try out that new converter!! :lol: :cop2: :biker:
Tim, I have considered the 250 but had some concerns. First concern is I just don't like Avon tires. The design and tread pattern is lacking, I don't want to have to do my own grooving, the 250 is grossly under rated for the weight of the Hoss (especially the 502), and we've seen too many Avons miserably out of round when brand new. Finally, it actually offers very little difference in the size of the contact patch over the 230.

I know we spend time at the track, do burnouts, etc. but on Big Red, the problems encountered with the 280 Metzler have included NO track time whatsoever, very little street dragging and very few and relatively short burnouts (as a result of carb problems). The great majority of time and miles on both those 280's was the result of easy cruising.

The whole issue with me is the size of the wheel and Marv's recommendation that "it's great". It's a clear mismatch. I'd definitely like to try the 280 with the right wheel.

Still looking for 2000 rear wheel

I am still looking for a good used rear wheel that will
fit a 2000. Anybody got one they want to let go?
email me at [email protected]

also found the Avon 230/60H15 for $184 at

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