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More Tire Information - Metzler 280

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I have been looking at the various MC tires being used on the BH. I was able to find all the info related to the AVON's both 230 and 250 ... still waiting on the 300 specs to be released. Metzler's website had no info on their 280 - NOTHING, like it did not exist! I sent them a note and here is the reply I just received back:

280/35/18 ME880 Steel Belted radial specs:

Speed Rating: V rated (over 130 mph)
Load Capacity: 1100 lbs
Wheel Widths: 9.5 to 10.5 in.
Tread Width: 10.9 in.
Diameter: 25.78 in.


Jeff Selbert
Metzeler / Pirelli

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> I am trying to locate information in regards to your 280 / 18 motorcycle
> tire. I have searched your site and have been unable to find anything
> about it. Info requested: speed rating, weight rating, width of wheel,
> radial or not ... all info would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
> Don Chembars

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Looks like the 280 Metzler is closer to what BH Factory recomendation is. The speed rating is exceeded compared to the 230 AVON but load rating is shy 50# The problem I see is plenty of 9" wheels available on market and Metz recomends a 9.5 - 10.5 wheel. I guess this is why Elliot's tire rolls in like he described. I will make another post when I get info on the AVON 300 unless somebody has it now :?: I'm really considering widening my wheel now - I expect the 300 will have min wheel width of 10" :roll:
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Great job bird-dogging that 280 info. Makes me feel better because as you reference, it's closer to our limits than I thought.

What's of particular interest to me and as I've noted with my tire/wheel, the wheels we have retail access to are not wide enough. I've already mounted my second 280 and put the wheel back on so I'll wait til I queer this one and then for sure do something about widening the wheel.

Marv and I have discussed this and I believe his new batch of 18's will be an inch or so wider than what he's been selling. I suspect you're also right on in regards to the 300 Avon needing even more wheel width.

I'll mention here that the factory and Nesco are probably cringing at the prospect of our running that amount of rubber. They have told me in the past and I believe they still maintain that wheel slippage is the relief/safety valve for our 2 speed tranny.

Kinda like when your folks told you to be in by midnite and you showed up the next morning. I'll be running as much rubber as I can get underneath the rear fender and just have to fix the tranny. Can't wait to see that 300 Avon.

Elliot 8)
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You will probably be through that new 280 before I even get a chance to be back on the road! I've heard the stories about you and the "South Florida Boys" and I have no doubt you will wear that thing out quick :D

Keep us all posted on if/when you widen that rear wheel. I live in the sticks up here with moose and deer and there aren't any shops nearby that I would trust a job like my rear wheel to :?
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