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Mississippi - Texas - Mexico

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Ok, I am ready. I will be pulling out Saturday morning from central Mississippi on a 10 day adventure ride through Louisanna, Texas and
Mexico. Will spend some time at South Padre Islands, ride up the
Rio Grand to Laredo, then a few days in San Antonio and Austin.
Will be in Austin for the big Republic of Texas rally. Ride by to
see the Texas Whitehouse in Crawford and back around top
of Texas back home!

Any of you guys from around those areas? Will do about 2800 miles!
I am ready.
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Sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing the details when you get back. Be safe and have a blast. I rode my bike from Houston to NC (about 1300 miles) but I was hustling and trying to make time. I would love to have about 2 weeks to take my time and do a big trip.

If you get connected during your trip give us an update. C ya.

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