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Like many of you, I have the Ness "Big Eyes". I've been happy with them but have a unique problem. I have to remove or lower both sides for clearance in the trailer as the Excaliber trailer narrows towards the top just above the handlebars. The left side is easy as I just loosen the two screws at the handlebar bracket and rotate the whole assembly down. The right side requires the mirror stem be loosened at the handlebar mounting hole thus breaking the loctite each time. Without the loctite it eventually vibrates loose while driving. Not a major issue other than a pain in the *** to do each time I load/unload. Any mirrors you guys can think of that adjust at the base of the stem? Suggestions welcome. Best solution gets a sip of my beer (the one Ricky buys) in Florida. Conrad
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I used to haul my Harley to Daytona in the back of a Chevy Astro van and had basically the same mirror clearance problem . I found it easier to loosen the handle bar risers and rotate the bars downward slightly so the mirrors cleared the roof . I marked the bars and the riser so I could line them back up when I unloaded. Maybe this will work for you ???

Conrad, I have Kuryachen (I think I spelled it right) mirrors on mine. I had one mirror come loose in 22,000 miles and there is no Loctite on them. So they are not a major deal to take them off from time to time. So in an effort to win the beer, I suggeest switching mirror brands. :beer3:

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