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Mid South Motorcycle Festival

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For those that haven't heard yet Boss Hoss is sponsoring the Mid
South Bike Fest Oct. 8-10th. Their will be a concert, demo rides,
poker runs and a drawing for a zz4 Boss Hoss. Since this is an all
brand rally would be nice if we had a good showing of Boss Hoss's at
this one and should be a good time for all. Website for more info is
www.midsouthbikefest.com :beer3: :biker3:
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Thanks for the information. I'll be there. Of course --- I live there (here).

Seriously, there will be two very nice runs, one a poker run and the other dice run.

The concert will be the Kentucky Headhunters and will be great.

Of course, what can I say, the plant tour is great.

If you can at all get here, you will not be disappointed.

Alan Wilks
thanks alan for the reply, i am doing everything i can to try to attend this one. its 1000 miles for us here. i have reservations at the hampden inn and seems they still had rooms when i called friday. i have been to dyersburg several times and always enjoy seeing the boss hoss crew, really adds to the boss hoss ownership experience. see you on the 8th!

If things go as planned, we will have a group leaving from Siron in
Bloomington Ill, either Thursday or Friday.

Staying at the Best Western in Dyersberg, which is just down the street
from the Hampton Inn. :capwin:

We're heading down also but staying at the Country Hearth in Caruthersville, Mo. I guess thats where most of the activities start and end at the casino across from this motel. I think its about 20 miles from Dyersburg. Also the drawing for the Boss is at the Casino. My 2 cents. Steve
Ok, Geez, I just made some res at the Best Western and canceled the one in Caruthersville. I'm sure Dyersburg will be ROCKIN' with you there, at least until 7 PM......yuk yuk !!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Steve
Don't forget to bring that "dead animal" on your head !!!!!! I need one
of those................where is my BB gun??

Geez :D

How you likin' that flat tire??? Nice straight burnouts, huh?? And if you listen careful and not turn the wheel speed to high, it really squeals 8)

Have a good time in TN.

mid south bike fest

alan wilkes, harold blocker. i am in dyersburg and hope i get to meet you while here. im riding a black 2001 small block. we had a great time at the concert tonight and hope the weather will hold for the events tomorrow. mike//
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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