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Mid South Motorcycle Festival Ride Report

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The Mid South Motorcycle Festival was a huge success!! We had a great time in Dyersburg. The rally was headquartered in Caruthersville, Mo. at the Casino Aztar on the Mississippi River. Friday night there was a dinner for those just arriving and an auction with donated items to benefit the Shriners organization. There was a great concert put on by the Kentucky Headhunters Friday night and several Boss Hoss dealers were there in the courtyard showing bikes and answering our questions. There were threats of rain all weekend but for the most part it held off and the riding was great. Boss Hoss factory in Dyersburg had an open house on Saturday and Sunday with demo rides and factory tours. I was really impressed with how well organized they were. The factory tour was amazing. They had shut down the entire plant. The whole place was spotless and they really took their time answering questions and showing the manufacturing process to those attending. I had been to Dyersburg several times in the past but was on the tour with some that had never been and they really enjoyed seeing all of it. Saturday there was a parade to downtown Dyersburg and bike show, then a dice run through some really nice areas east of Dyersburg and through the cotton fields. When we returned to the casino after the dice run we were allowed to park our bikes in the convention center beside the casino. Sunday morning we returned to the factory in preparation for the poker run. I really liked the ride south of Dyersburg through some really beautiful and green country. A big thanks to all who worked so hard to give us this event. I dont know when Dyersburg will be the site of another event but we felt it did have a lot to offer and look forward to returning there again soon. :biker3:
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Thanks for the update. Sure wish I could have made it. It seems like I hadn't heard about it till recently and didn't have a chance to make plans for it. Is the factory going to make this an annual event or is this going to become our annual rally? I have to put in for next year's vacation soon. It'd be nice to know.

Anybody in the know can say?


The "rumor" I heard about it being in Dyersburg was from a board member, but I would imagine we won't hear anything"official" until BHRA gets around to putting it in the magazine.


Glad you enjoyed the time in Dyersburg. It was good to meet you and to enjoy our time together. You were right, the factory was great, along with the parade, events and rides.

Glad you came, come again.

Just curious, how many Boss riders showed up and was it bigger and better than the previous rallies ?

I don't know, I don't see any black marks in that picture, are you sure you had a good time? ;)
LaMonsterV8 said:
I don't know, I don't see any black marks in that picture, are you sure you had a good time? ;)

Last week I left one in front of TBH about 400 yards long and a foot wide that used 2 lanes from a 20 mph hammer roll on!!!!!!!!! :p FUN FUN FUN!!! :cop2:
Well, that sure beats the **** out of my lousy 492 footer :cry: :oops:

Guess it will be back to the drawing (smoking) board in the spring :lol:

GRUMPY said:
Well, that sure beats the **** out of my lousy 492 footer :cry: :oops:

Guess it will be back to the drawing (smoking) board in the spring :lol:

:D :D Call Curtis at TBH and he will tell you about it! Made a cloud of smoke that looked like a train went by!! The WRETCHED EXCESS!!!! Gotta Love it!
Just my 2 cents...The Rally was great fun and a good mix of people both boss riders and harley. If they want the National Rally to be there I say the facilities at either Dyersburg or Caruthersville cannot handle it. There was not one hotel that had enough rooms or was there one with food and drinks in it. If there was someplace close by with better facilities I wouldn't have a problem going back. To many people plan the National Rally as a vacation and I think are looking for something on the upscale side...only my 2 cents....in fact I should stay away from this stuff anyway..it always seems to cost me 20-30,000 bucks!!!! Steve

What did you buy this time??????????? HHhmmmmmm.........a big block ??

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