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MBF YouTube Video

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Post your bike and ride pics and I'll add you to the mix. ;D

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That's awesome Darrel :coolsmiley:

'scuse me, I gotta go ask my wife to take some pictures...
That was a great video. Question? Which would you recommend in helmets? Shoie or nolan!!
I never ride before as a matter a fact this is my 1st bike. So I am a little nervous. I went to training class, but you know as well as I do that does not give you that much confident.

I need a lot of practice before I can go out with my Star chapter (278).
Thanks for the info. that you are posting, they are interesting and resourceful.

Thanks. I personally have never owned a Shoie or Nolan, I've always used HJC. They've served me well, seem to be quality built and are reasonably priced. I have the silver CL-15.

Re: Helmet

Thanks DK.
Hey Ben -

Take your time and practice a whole lot this season, definitely without a group - it's important to set your own pace. Confidence is everything in this sport, that, and a clear (and well protected) head.

For helmets, more important than any brand is the fit and how it feels on your head. The most expensive helmet in the world means nothing if you don't feel comfortable wearing it. While Shoei and Nolan have the brand identity, like Darrel said, HJC is a quality lid at a great price. Other helmets worth looking at are AGV, Scorpion, AFX and Icon. If you can, go to a local shop and try on a bunch of different helmets to see which feel the most comfortable. Once you've decided on one, visit a site like HelmetHarbor.com and order it online, you'll save a bunch of money.
Re: Helmet

Thanks NJ, That was great adv. I'll do that. I bring the bike home next weekend and I have a week time to chk it out.
I am going to practice a hole lot. preferably in a empty parking lot of abandoned shopping center.

I have join the chapter 278, great bunch of guys and ladies. Maybe some day see you guys maybe at Daytona Beach.
Good riding you Guys.
Dang, I even made the directors cut. Cool Darryl
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