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Master Cylinder????

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Anybody out here had to rebuild there Mastercylinder and/or Rear Caliper???....Going to order rebuild kits for both from the factory Mon. and from what I hear the Master cylinder is a pain to do....Any Help would be nice...

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I rebuilt my Master cylinder 4 times and was very careful to do it right such as honing with steel wool as the factory said and so forth. They would last maybe 5000 miles or less so the last time I replaced it with a new one and no more trouble. Buy a new one and save time and money. Mine was under warranty the first 3 times but they never sent me a new m/c as they should have but the one I bought is good. Don't know about the rear caliper but unless it is leaking I would only flush and not take it apart.

Thanks Adrian....Do you remember how much $ the Mastercylinder was??


The kit is 16.95 and any Harley store has them. Master cylinder (new) about $100.00.

Hi Dave, I have had both the Master Cylinder and Rear Caliper apart. What I've found doing this is,

The Master Cyl. cup will have failed from dirt and heat. You'll find grooves and scratches in the bore and on the piston. You must get them ALL OUT, ON BOTH PARTS, then Polish them back to a good shine. Replace the cup, and the rebuild will last some time.

On the Caliper, You'll find the Stainless Steal caliper pistons showing signs of corrosion. Water, dirt, heat and the Alum. bore causes this. I just cleaned and buffed the pistons off and cleaned the bores up, put it back together REAL CLEAN and it's working fine.
Thanks Mike and Adrian.....I'll order a new M/cylinder and polish up the pistons on the Caliper and see what happens...

Thanks again....

Hey Mike....Is there something wrong with your temp thingamajig???
Mine is reading 64 and yours is reading 27!!!
Come on down and I'll loan you a Surfboard!! :lol:

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I recently blew out my rear caliper :( I contacted the factory and explained to them I wanted to do the work and not take my bike to the dealer - they understood "why" when I explained the situation. I only asked him for a re-build kit ... he sent me a new caliper (charged my CC for it till old one was returned then issued a credit). I'm not sure why exactly other then $$$$ but Brembo says if caliper fails it should be replaced. Like Adrian said - any Harley dealer will stock parts for master cylinder and they are easy to rebuild.
Adrian...You got me on that one!!!.....Levi said he rebuilds M/cylinders all the time and they work but I told him No!!...That a couple people said the rebuilds won't last...I ordered a new one which came today,I didn't even ask him how much it was.I thought it would be around $100 like you said...

Wrong!!!....it was $175.00......Think I'll send it back and go with a rebuild kit!!!

Dave..... :cry:
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