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I noticed the other day in the Boss Hoss Country mag that one add for a luggage rack showed the weight limit as 15lbs. Is this right? If it is then that won't work for me. I have had my trail pack on the rack and I know it weighed close to 50 lbs. I did learn a lesson after my trip down to Daytona this year. I had that pack full on the luggage rack and another bag on the passenger seat. I had never adjusted my shocks for that and the bolt that holds my luggage rack on the fender grooved my rear tire and good fashion, too. Luckily I was almost due a tire.

I have corrected the shocks and the bolt is now a round bolt head. Shouldn't groove a tire but I will be riding two up and have that trail pack on in a couple of weeks to Myrtle Beach. I don't think 50 lbs will over load the rack but then again I would hate for the darn thing to snap while running down the road. Could definitely cause an accident behind you and that ain't good.

Has anybody else made any kind of supports for the new style luggage racks. I imagine you could make something that comes off and on easily for traveling with luggage like that. I'm open for suggestions.

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