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Lower Dam Lights

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I a running one of the Mountian Boss Hoss lower air dams . What kind of running lights are some of you guys running on them ? Got any pictures ?
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Kuryakyn Silver Bullets...sorry, no close-up shots.

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What are those spot lights(driving lights) that you are running?
Those are nice Dave . Did you have to change anything as far as wireing or fuse's go ?
These are the ones I have and I am getting ready to order another set for the 3 wheeler. They are bright and you can be seen. In California you can not have a bright light lower that 12" from the ground so our lower dams work just fine. These are Kurykarn and are super. If you need the web page let me know.


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I ordered the Kuryakyn Silver Bullet lights for my lower dam but after looking at some pictures of these lights mounted on Boss's it appears that the lights have to be spaced out from the dam in order to clear the water pump fitting on the bottom of the radiator . Can someone tell me what I need and a part number ?
Jack....Just make sure you get the ones with the Hollow Bolts...Here is a pic of an extra set I have that will work with the Mountain Air Dam...They are Kury's

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Thanks Badger , so the spacer is built right onto the light and that brings the light out far enough to clear the radiator fitting ?
Jack....There is alot of adjustment on the bolts where they screw into the lights so you can move them in or out with no problem

lower dam lights

Thanks Badger.
The driving lights mounted on the engine guards are 3 1/2" halogen hi/lo beam lights (55/60 watt) I bought from JP Cycles. I have them wired to work with the hi/lo circuits of the stock headlight, but with two additional relays. The Kury Silver Bullet fog lights are wired on a seperate circuit.
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