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Thanks, Elvis. Itried to move the pic from the V8bikeriders site but only the url and not the pic came over. I still don't know how to do it although poor Lamont has tried to get it through my thick skull. Thanks for doing it for me.
The louvers are mainly cosmetic and have no discernible effect on engine temps but do guard the radiator from damage and keep the front sanitary looking.
The alternator cover, on the other hand, is very functional. Covers the alternator totally as well as the belt and engine pulley. Alternator is guarded completely from road debris and water.
Both were hand made one off items and the man who did them cannot find either the radiator jig nor the alternator cover model he orinally made out of carboard.
I'm sure any good auto customizer could make a set up for anyone who wants to look into them.
I can describe the way they attach much better by voice and anyone who's interested can call me in NJ at 973-537-7695....Joe
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