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Ater getting the whole thing back together (small block) and one ride, I'm dripping oil from the bellhousing. Oil drips on the right frame and pipe. My mechanic said some oil may have spilled into it when we reinstalled the converter. This happened to me once before and it was the pump housing O rings. Tranny back to Nesco. Just seems too coincidental to me that all was fine before the teardown and now it leaks. The tranny wasn't touched. The oil is definitely from inside the housing because the top of the rear portion of the engine and top of the bellhousing are clean The tranny vent is dry and the hose from it leading to my breather mounted on the carb base is not kinked.
Please tell me it is left over trans oil from the converter spill and that i don't have to break the frame again. I'll puke if I do. I've cleaned the bellhousing out completely today by spraying almost a full can of Brakleen through the left side inspection hole and the solvent was coming out clear. Will await my next ride which in NJ may be May with this *...g weather.
There is another small wet area around the dipstick tube where it enters the crankcase. I want to seal this. What to use...just black silicone?....Joe
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