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Got back from Laconia last night and had a great time . Weather was great and no problems with the Boss or my wifes Harley . Both never missed a beat . Don , sorry to hear about your mishap and am glad it wasn't serious . Missed seeing you up there. Also sorry to hear about Jeff and his wife and wish them a speedy recovery .

I did get to meet Rick Carnavale at Laconia , great guy and great looking Boss . I also met XRay , didn't get to talk to him much but he has a great looking Boss also . Sorry you dinged your tank Ray . Hopefully the painter can touch it up so it looks perfect.

Vman , saw your bike parked a Weirs beach , but sorry I didn't get to see you .

Tim , you don't have to worry about someone keeping an eye on me , I think someone should have been watching your ass if you drank all the Rum in town . LOL Sure missed being with you guys , maybe next year .

Well now I've got to get packing because we are moveing into our new house next week .
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Hey Jack,

Congrats on the new digs :wink: Hope your move goes smooth....I'm glad ours is done.

Actually, I had Wag (lots of help there), Adrian & Cozeay, Steve & his bride, Neal & Beth, Marvs whole crew, my gorgeous bride and several dozen others keeping an eye on me..........they really failed me big time Jack :evil: I was thoroughly disappointed in their abilities 8) :) :D

I drank the Rock island out of Bacardi, broke a flourescent light bulb at the Legion, got my first tattoo at 58 and did 4 back to back burn outs right in front of the Rock......and didn't go to jail.........emptied half a bottle of NOS at the Legion on a road full of sand........didn't get kicked out of one bar......the owner of the Rock was giving us so many free drink tokens we had to start turning them down..............and the manager at the Legion had more fun with the broken light for the whole week than he'd had in the history of the joint......think I'd better be getting religion???? Like I said, my friends failed miserably :wink:

Phewwww........what a great time....will I go back next year???? YES I'm even planning on staying in Osage one night just to say "Hi" to my friends downtown.............and see if they stocked up on Bacardi :wink: :lol: 8)

Oh, I did have one bad experience, the first day there, I tipped the bike over in the parking lot of some **** hole bar (our first stop too).....no damaged ( the NOS tanks and the footpegs make great side stands) but fractured my fragile ego beyond repair.

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Sounds like you guys had a great time also . Man your getting to be a wild man in your old age . Tattoo's and everything . I thought I was old when I got my first at 35 . Glad you didn't hurt your bike when you dropped it , but at the rate your going it probably won't be the last time you drop it . That **** usually run in three's so be carefull my friend .

Sorry I missed you guys in Laconia. I was able to leave a message once on your cell (hope you got it). I did see a couple Boss' up there but none that I knew. Things just way too hectic, hope to see you in Oct if not before.

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