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L .e. D ????

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Ok after a bunch of hours making a new bracket and finding some small leds . saw another post they talk about a grey wire?????????? my lights had a black and brown and the other side was green and black. I connected black to black and red to brown and red to green.Is that wrong the blinkers are faster now hopefully its correct i already made a wire harness and wrapped everything( the red is the wire coming from the l.e.d.s. Any info would be great .thanks
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switching from standard bubls to LEDs in any form requires the use of a resistor to slow the pace down. You can buy ready made resistors at some local shops (mine sells them as plug and play versions where they simply plug inline with existing factory wiring), or you can create your own through parts at Radio Shack.

I am no expert on lights by any means, but when I switched out my blinkers on my old R6, I bought a $5 inline resistor from the shop and it instantly slowed down the rate to a more normal pace.
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