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For those of you who don't visit Yahoo or receive the emails I am posting this from that site from Ken.

Hi guys,

Well! After riding bikes since 1959, I had my first incident with an
asshole auto driver.... YUP!!!! It was a woman driver!

Yesterday, I was returning from a ride to one of the local M/C
dealers, on the Boss and within 8 miles of home....BAM!!!!!! I was
stopped at a red light and when it turned to green, I accelerated and
there was a line of traffic stopped for the same light, going in the
opposite direction....someone stopped to let a car out of a parking
lot and the driver pulled right thru the opening into my lane (going
in the same direction) without even looking and I ran into the right
rear of her car, going ass over tea kettle and the bike went down on
the left side.

This moron gets out of her car and starts looking at her own vehicle
to check for damage...and me and the bike are flat out, on the
ground..I get up and go over to her and ask..(pretty much!) "What the
**** were you thinking?" RESPONSE: The typical...."I NEVER even saw
you!!!"...and I said, "Cause you never even looked to your left!!"

I was doing only about 15 MPH...BUT you cannot believe how much damage
a Boss Hoss can do to a car!!!!!

I am sore, but I think I am OK! And there is probably about 2-4
thousand dollars damage to the bike...!!! I was able to ride it
home!!! One tough machine...!!!

That is the latest........


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Hi Ken '
I know the feeling. Five years ago I had a woman turn left, and cross my lane. This give me two options. Lay it down or t-bone her , I layed it down . She watched me hit the ground and kept right on driving. Thank God I was on my old bike and not my Boss.
I hope you feel better, and ride safe this summer

Chad Roy
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