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just bought a kannon

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I want to correspond with other kannon owners, I have not ridden the bike yet as I am going over everything and making sure everything is in top shape.....it seeems to be a very nice bike but three things that I will fix before riding and am working on ...it does not have a neural lock out..it'll start in gear???? no return spring on the throttle???? and no reserve on the gas tank??? I wouldn't ride any bike with out these safety things ARE all kannon's like this one? I'm also wanting to buy a new rear fender if any one has one for sale please contact me ...thanks keith
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Hi Keith,
Congradulations on your new ride!! Kannon did not use a neutral safety device but they did use a two cable throttle system so you could push the throttle back closed if need be. Mine did have a return spring though if I remember right. User name "Patrick in Oregon" on this site has my old bike. Mine was a 2000 model and it did have a reserve on the petcock.
Hope this helps....... Sooooo when are we going to see some pictures???
pictures of kannon later

does a boss have a neutral safety switch? or will it start in gear?
Reserve Fuel

Hu Keith;

Look in Wags help site, links and resources on this board, and Tim "Grumpy" posted a thread about the correct Pingle to give a main tank reserve to a Boss.

Don't know if thats the same that would work on a Kannon, but might steer you in the right direction.

Ride Safe

Jack Phillips
Boss hoss does have a neutral switch but it is internal to the trans....
I am sure the tank valve is pretty much standard.... Any harley type valve should work.
Tanner Dog ,

I have a used but in excellent condition Pingle reserve petcock I'll sell you for $25.00 plus shipping if your interested . It has the 3/8 " NPT , 5/16" outlet and the outlet faces at a 45 degree towards the inside front . Worked perfect on my ZZ4 Boss but needed one with the outlet facing 45 degrees rearward because I relocated my fuel pump . If interested email me [email protected]

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