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Jack Phillips '97 Boss Hoss

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Here is a pic I am posting for Jack, whom the wife and I met in Daytona Beach on vacation a few weeks ago. We rode the new Boss down there and met up with Jack, his wife and grandson. Believe me ...they are super nice peoples...and I hope everyone gets a chance to meet Jack , is better half and family when you get toward the Florida area! Jack, I hope you don't mind me posting the pic for you here:
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97 Boss

Mike, thanks for the post. Soon as I get a couple quarts more SMARTZ, I'll try and get a couple close-ups of the 97 Boss on here. Thank you for the good words. Wouldn't have missed meeting you and yours for anything. The Boss Community seems like a wonderful way to expand the "extended Family". Havn't met, or delt with anyone yet I didn't appreciate, enjoy, and or learn from. Thanks for the post. Need to get a couple pics of your Boss on here Mike, with the story of her Heritage. Fine machine! Your lady is a real cutie as well. Pam and Justin really enjoyed being with you both as well.
Jack Phillips
Jack, I tried to work on the pic a little more. I tried to get it closer and lighten it up a bit, so I edited the above post with the updated pic, as well as posting the updated pic at the other site. I think it has better detail of the Boss as well as the best part of the pic...the family!
Thanks for the compliments, and I will make sure Tena knows what you said... :) The people here have definately as you said, became a part of our family. That is easy when the people are as nice as they are here in the Boss Hoss family. By the way..your Boss Hoss is a BEAUTIFUL bike!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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