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Is plugging the rear tire safe?

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Got a nail hole right in the middle of the tread on my rear Avon. Is it safe to plug it? patch it? or should I just replace it. I didn't know if cycle tires are made in such a way that would be conducive to using a tire plug.
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Hozz..We plugged a rear tire on my friends Valk in the middle of a long trip, He ran it for another 2000 miles and lost no pressure at highway speeds, He changed the tire for peace of mind not because the plugged tore gave him any problem, I guess it depends somewhat on the condition of the tire. If it's got a lot of tread left. I'd plug it the same as I would on my car. I wouln't be concerned about the tire's integrity if the nail was in the middle of the tread.
My son got a nail in the side of his sportster tire and used Fix-A-Flat only and has not lost a drop of air since. Maybe you should try that after plugging for security.
I guess it depends upon your point of view but I've certainly not seen any plugs fail on bias ply tires...Joe
I have used plugs in my tires also but usually try to change them out. I am less worried about the rear tire than the front but I do run a car tire in the rear. I would avoid using the fix-a-flat unless you are stuck and have no other choice. If you use it make sure the guy changing your tire knows in advance or they will not be happy with you when they break the bead and cover their equipment with that stuff.
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I too have had the back tire plugged for awhile. It still had 50 - 60% tread left and I put about 900 more miles on it, but like the other thread, changed it for peace of mind.

Went to an auto tire, but had the 230 "hot boot" patched internally for possible future use, just in case??????????

Jack Phillips
I know folks who do it and swear it works and I know others who will only run a patched tire long enough to get home. I am of the latter because the speeds I run at occasionally a failure would be a sure way to end up either 6 feet in the ground or a vegetable! Neither of those possibilities is very appealing as I would not get to ride any longer!
Now that you mention it... Just how fast have you had that monster of yours??
TJzz4 said:
Now that you mention it... Just how fast have you had that monster of yours??

I only run hard in 1st gear and the shift light comes on at 148 (when I first got it went 160 once) mph at 6100(valve float is 6800 but tq falls off after 6000). I will not push it past that because the tranny will not take it and the bike starts to get a little unstable. This being said I have been 148 more times than I can count!!! :D :D :D

My tranny will be back on Tuesday and hopefully I will be riding again by Thursday!!!!!!!!
160 in first?..... WOW! that must be some ride. but then... my single speed Kannon would do 155-160. Couldn`t imagine having another full gear at that point. Have you done the 1/4 mile with it yet?
Dave...must be nice living in a place where you can do those speeds and not run out of road or be into traffic. I can't think of a single road in the whole Norheast where you could even think about it...Joe
I have used these with good luck. I even put on on Elliots 502 and I think it held fine for him. I like the mushroon plugs the best but I have never had any plug fail on me.
http://hondadirectlineusa.com/valkyrie/ ... sp?pid=753

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