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Invite desparetly needed!!!!

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I have a friend who bought a used 2001 from Ebay, lives right near me.

He has electrical problems...BIGTIME...I think the bike is possessed!!!! Started with signals flashing on their own...now the bike starts on its own in the garage without a key!!!!!!!!

Please send him an invite and he will post his horrors...I could not believe it!

His name is Norm Labrecque and email is

[email protected]

He also got an invite to the Yahoo group
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Barry the invite was sent to Norman for the Yahoo site and there is no invitation needed to join this site. Your friend just needs to come to this address http://www.V8BikeRiders.com and choose register and fill out the form to post. His problem sounds like it might be a bad ground. A few years ago I had to fix a bike in Denver with a similar problem and I got a wiring schematic and found the three grounds on the bike and checked them. I found that the powder coating had not been scraped off under a ground strap and had it fixed in 5 minutes. Good Luck, Mike//
I put some info on the Yahoo site for him to check on his bike. BTW Happy New Year.
Invite Desparetly needed

Thanks Mike...I copied your post and sent it to him....


I am really keeping with my name....we are at -10 degrees and getting colder...next 4 nites to -25 and highs of -10...brrrrrrrrrr!!
invite needed

Hi Mike , I 've done a lot on my 2000 as far as checking and detailing out my wiring on my Boss . I installed a master relay and replaced my ignition switch and all other switches to marine switches , ran heavier wire where needed , sealed everything I could from moisture and just more or less tried to bullit proof everthing. Neil Weber has been a tremendous help to me . He sure knows his electical.
I don't know if you have seen the 2000 wiring diagram that was drawn by Rad Hunsley back in 1998 , but it leaves a lot to be desired and mine you can barley read it . You mentioned the three grounds . Now other than the grounds for the fuel pump , water pump , fan and some things that are grounded to the chassis I have only found 2 actual main grounds , of course the negative battery ground and there is a ground on the frame behind the fuse box . Please excuse my ignorance about electrical , it is one of my weaker points , but where is the third ground ?

Thanks Jack
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jack, it had been a couple years since i had to work on the bike that had the bad ground beside the fuse block and the grounds you mentioned in your post are the only ones i am aware of. got to ride 60 miles yesterday and again today but tomorrow its suppose to snow and a high of 20 degrees for a couple more days. think i will put it to rest for a few. :beer8:
How did your friend make out with his electrical ghost. Did he find a backfeed or failed relay or switch
Thanks Mike , I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. As I'm sure you are well aware of , diaelectric grease on all connections and fuse's periodically will solve anyones corrousion problems .
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