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I installed Dyna ceramic balance beads (E-Z tire beads shown in photo) in my 2001 Boss Hoss' front tire. Why? Because I got tired of this desert heat melting the 3M from the stick-on weights and having them flop off onto the pavement every time I turned around. I have not had a chance to ride the Hoss with the beads in the front tire yet because it's down for other repairs, so I cannot report on how they ride. Installation was not very tricky, but it did require a wee bit of patience. Here's what I used:

1. Hydraulic floor jack
2. Jack stands
3. 2 ounce package of Dyna balance beads (based on their recommendation for my particular tire)
4. Plastic bottle with funnel top
5. Plastic tube (same as the tube that comes with brake bleeding kits)
6. Tire valve removal tool
7. Black electrical tape to attach the tube to the valve stem and bottle to avoid a disconnect and spillage
8. Portable air compressor (mine is a low-budget $50 electric Kobalt 0791911)

Naturally, I started by jacking up the Hoss then supporting it with stands.

Removing the tire valve was a snap. The Dyna-provided tool worked fine.

Getting the plastic tube to fit over the valve stem was simple: I jammed the end of a large Philips screwdriver into it then heated it with a cigarette lighter. This stretched the tube's end enough to slip over the valve stem without a fight.

Next up: electrical tape to hold the tube in place at both ends. Attach the tape low enough that you can see the top of the valve stem; don't conceal the top of the stem. Attaching the opposite end of the tube to the plastic bottle was a breeze. No heating or stretching required.

Next up: apply the balancing beads. The only trick to getting the balance beads into the tire is to ensure a slow, steady trickle like a trail of salt. They will clump up on top of the valve stem if you try to push too many through at once. No worries. If this happens, squeeze the bottle to create suction. It will pull the beads back up. Once the packed-up beads are cleared from the valve stem, tilt the bottle slightly then thump the cap until they start to trickle toward the valve stem again. It is tedious but won't take more than maybe 10 minutes, give or take. Keep thumping/tapping the bottle until all of the beads trickle into the tire. If they clump up again, just repeat the suction to clear it and start over from where you left off. The beads will not get sucked out of the tire, only from the stem.

Once all the beads are inside the tire, reinstall the valve and re-inflate the tire. You will most likely want to inflate to the maximum "cold" pressure indicated on the sidewall to avoid "cupping" of the tread unless experience has taught you otherwise. This is not because of the beads but because of nature of the Boss Hoss. It's not always kind to under-inflated front tires (depends on the tire).

That's it. Simple as can be, and not very time-consuming at all. It just requires a tiny bit of preparation to make sure the pieces-parts don't fight you.


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