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Improved Gas mileage

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An interesting development has occurred as a result of my "tune up" this spring. I just checked my gas mileage and it is up to 22.5 miles per gallon. This is incredible. I have never gotten better than 18 miles per gallon last season. I told you guys that the Boss is running better than ever and now even the gas consumption is down. I was really surprised.

The things that I replaced were:

Air filter
Gas filters
fuel pump
spark plugs
Gear lube
I put two rubber rings under the air filter so that the pump wouldn't touch

I rode it kinda easy except for about 20 miles where I really whipped it hard. Pinned the needle a couple of times.

Nice surprise for once.

I love this bike

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Ain't it great when things finally come together! Happy to hear the bikes running well. Enjoy!!! :D
I only get 11 max---the price you pay for a big motor. Even when cruising at about 2100 doing 70 I am only getting 10mph! My 502 got almost 15mpg at 70. This is not pretty but at this point I cannot think of anything except maybe the MT tire on the back has about 3 times the contact area as the Avon. Any thoughts?
Hey Busa
My motorhome 454 gas got 10 mph hauling my car. That back tire must be one big puppy. I went on another site where you were kibitzing with some guy . That was a hoot . Tried to access but needed a pass word. As far as an answer to milage problem I have none.

Something is really wrong! That kind of gas mileage is just not within the range of what anyone here sees. I'd be surprised to hear the bike is running well because you are sending a lot of unburned fuel out of those pipes. Choke half closed? Timing off..something is absolutely wrong because even that 502 at an even 70 mph should be getting 17-20 mpg. What do you other 502 ownwers think?
Bill--you must have been on the Labusa board--pretty wide open place definitely not for everybody and the MT is pretty wide and soft with square shoulders the metric size would be a 255 60 15. The engine just came off of the dyno from Scott Shafiroff Racing so the engine is pretty much spot on but next week the 950 Demon that Scott had built for the motor will go on and the Edlebrock (Shafiroff had his people perform their magic on it but still is not linear at all and I am not going to play with it as my buddies who race cars seem to think they are junk for that application) will go to the shelf. I hope someone has some ideas but the Demon will hopefully get a little better mileage and more power. Scott said that the dyno usually picks up about 30 horses on this switch.
Hoss - Great to hear that your scoot is doing well!

Busa - the 10 MPG range for an engine like you have sounds about right. A guy in our BHRA Chapter has a 606 that gets that type of mileage and another guy has a stock 502 with a Holley (not sure which model) on it and he has struggled with terrible mileage ever since he made the carb change.

I'm still running the Edelbrock on my 502 because of this issue. I'm sure the bike is giving up some HP with the Edelbrock, but I'm not willing to give up the range.

The very best I can do with my stock 502 on the highway at 80 is 18 mpg. Very boring :?. Going country roads, which is a LOT more fun :D , using 1st and 2nd gear 13-14mpg. Can get as bad as 11mpg = most fun :wink:.
502WingMan said:
Going country roads, which is a LOT more fun :D , using 1st and 2nd gear 13-14mpg. Peter
Just as an info- Peter's a very experienced MC rider - like Glenn Boglisch and some other members on this board. When Peter has "more fun" on his 502, 13-14 mpg, using 1st n' 2nd gear, then it's very hard to follow him! Pegs were scratching in every turn. I really don't want to sit on the back of your bike when you've got most fun, Peter...hehehehe.... :wink:

We've had a real good time n' lot's of fun in Herzfeld this spring, Peter - we've got to repeat that. :biker3:

I'll even buy a spare set of footpegs in advance! :lol:

Improved Gas Mileage

Just wanted to drop an update. I have gone to extremes trying to maximize my mileage on my 2001 BH 350 2 speed. I have leaned the primaries, changed several different electronic devices, even going to a different drive pulley. If I stay out of the secondaries ( :twisted: ), I now get 23 mpg at 30 mph, 23 mpg at 70 mph, 23 mpg at 80 mph, and apparently 23 mpg at any speed that does not require secondary opening or supplementation. I was getting 18 to 20 before.

It is what it is, and that is what it is.

Bill "Critter"
Seabrook, Texas
From my experience you will get about 15mpg or so on the 502 at interstate speeds and if you hook up the vacuum advance you can squeak 17-18 out of her. If you play in first alot gas mileage does not compute!!!

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