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If your not doing anything in May

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Come on out and join us. We had a great time last year and all BIG BIKES are welcome. There is lots of some great riding and things to do in this area. We had about 70 bikes show up last year. I'm thinking it will be much more than that this year. Sure would be nice to have another V8 there, I hate getting all the attention. ;)
Click Here :arrow: BigBikeRiders @ Maggie Valley, NC
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I am really hoping to make it down this year. I am trying to plan a family vacation around it. I have been looking for "things to do" in the area that the kids will be interested in ... then Kim and I can sneek away to the Rally "here and there". My kids LOVE motorcycles but there just isn't enough room on the back to carry them all! :D :D :D
This is a great place for kids too. They have a small zoo, a goast town with rides, lots of stuff for the kids. Bring them on down Bro.
That is cool! I've been showing them pictures of the area and they are all for the trip ... This is good :D Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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